Sodomite Arrested After Castration Fetish On Another Sodomite Goes Horribly Wrong

The sin of sodom gives way to a veritable unending list of the worst types of perversions. Some of these are well-known, but this is just the starting point. The eating of human bodily waste, torture with objects, unnatural bodily mutilations, murder and cannibalism consistently appear among them not due to an outside or unrelated cause, but that the act of sodom is the cause that brings about these actions.

There are many sodomites who have a “fetish” for castration, and not by going to a surgeon, but doing it at home. If one goes on many online message boards and forums where sodomites are known to frequent, there are many times posts made by such about this desire, and those who do it will sometimes take photos as they castrate themselves at home and with crude tools. The idea of “lopping” of one’s own genitalia with a kitchen knife is the literal truth in such cases, and while often times they are able to make it go well, it does not always end well.

This was what happened in Florida, where a sodomite who met another sodomite to indulge a castration fetish was arrested after the endeavor went horribly wrong according to a report:

A Florida man was arrested for allegedly performing an illegal castration surgery on another man who he had met on a fetish website for eunuchs, authorities said Tuesday.

“This one is a little … let’s just say sensitive,” Highlands County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement. “You could even say it’s kinda nuts.”

A deputy went to a home just before midnight on Aug. 18, checking on an aborted 911 call in Sebring, about 90 miles southeast of Tampa, officials said.

The door was answered by Gary Van Ryswyk, 74, and he told the deputy he had just performed a castration, as deputies “found the man on the bed with a towel over his groin, which was bleeding heavily,” according to a Highland County Sheriff’d Department statement.

“Nearby, there was a pink container which held two body parts that had recently been much closer to the victim,” the sheriff statement continued. “The victim was taken to the hospital and was later flown to a regional medical center.”

The victim is in stable condition, according to the sheriff’s office.

Van Ryswyk made an operating room in his own house, complete with medical equipment, painkillers and a camera to record the procedure, officials said. Van Ryswyk told investigators he had met the victim on a dark web castration fetish site called, authorities said. (source, source)

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