Right-Wing Hindu Terrorist Demands All Christian Centers Of Prayer In India Closed In The Name Of ‘Hindu Existence’

‘Hindu Existence’ is a code term used by Hindu nationalist terrorists to describe justification for nationalism as well as the genocide of non-Hindus. This term is tied to their use of the idea of “forced conversion,” which is another fraud and is used to falsely accuse Christian missionaries of “forced converting” Hindus to Christianity, despite the fact that the people who convert to Christianity overwhelmingly are from the lowest (Dalit and Sudra) castes, and they do so because Christianity gives them a hope outside of the enforced racism of the fake Hindu pagan beliefs.

The Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, a major Hindu militant organization that we have written about at Shoebat.com has now declared that all Christian centers of prayer must closed because of “forced conversion,” to which Christians have responded that such is a claim meant to distract from the abject failure of the Hindu nationalists to follow through on their own promises and helping their own people according to reports:

The secretary of the ultranationalist group Vishwa Hindu Parishad wants above all the closure of the “Divine Call Center” of Mulki. The militant accuses all Christian missionaries of converting poor children through deception. President of the Global Council of Indian Christians: “They want to divert attention from real problems”.

An ultra-nationalist Hindu radical from Karnataka is calling for the closure of all Christian prayer centers because they would carry out “forced conversions” of Hindu believers to Christianity.

He argues that conversions would be part of a “systematic conspiracy”, so he invokes the help of all Hindus, to bring converts back to nationalist organizations.

He concludes with the demand for an investigation and “control of all religious centers” in the State.

Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), told AsiaNews: “We strongly condemn the allegations of forced conversion”.

The radical is called Sharan Pumpwell and is the local secretary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), a far-right Hindu group linked to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. Yesterday he organized a press conference at the Kidiyoor Hotel in Udupi during which he asked for the closure of the “Divine Call Center”, a Catholic prayer center located in Mulki.

According to the radical, two missionaries from the center converted Pradeep Kotian, a young Hindu taxi driver, through deception. He accuses the two Catholics of torturing the young man and of filming the incident threatening to post the video on social media if he had not denied his faith.

Pumpwell declares: “We know that in that center forced conversions of Hindus to Christianity are carried out and the Hindu religion is insulted”.

Then, referring more generally to Christian schools, he added: “Many families are victims of conversion. There are examples of brainwashed students. The missionaries promise to support poor children by giving them money and helping them study. But then they force them to change their religion. The poor are their main target, they are seduced by education and hostels”. For this, he promises, “we will put pressure on the central government led by Narendra Modi to implement an anti-conversion law”.

Sajan K George points out that the Divine Call Center of Mulki “is a place of prayer, people come according to their will, to seek peace and consolation in their lives. No one is coerced, no one is forced to participate in prayer. Conversion charges are fabricated. Thousands of people attended this center experiencing renewal, healing and new life. There has never been any coercion or forced conversion “.

According to the Christian leader, “the question of conversions is fished out by some extremists just to gain media attention. At the moment Karnataka is under a terrible flood, the economy is weak, the difficulties and unemployment are increasing among the farmers. This is just another attempt to divert attention from real problems. The government’s census shows that the Christian population has already dropped. These far-right rogues act for personal and political purposes and try to arouse sectarian tensions with accusations of forced conversions “. (source, source)

Note the highlighted part in the article, that it is Christians in India who have identified the Hindu terrorists as being associated with the ‘right wing.’

Are these Christians ‘SJWS?’ Are they ‘soibois’? Are they promoting ‘MIGRANT INVASIONS’?

Not at all, and the above three terms- SJW, soiboi, and migrant invasion -are all terms used by the American right that Hindu nationalists use their own concept of, albeit not the same words but ordered to their own context, as they have no fear of harassing and shaming other Hindus into compelling them to support their plan of action.

The Hindu right is taking her plans of action directly from the American and European right, and so is not different in her essence. Just like in the West, the goal here is not to look out for the good of the nation, but to serve the ends of a particular group who wants unlimited power and will destroy anybody they believe they can destroy to achieve that end.

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