Archive | September 9, 2019

US Debt Found To Be Massively Underreported, Possibly As High As 2000% Of The Economy

Debt is not a good thing. Too much debt in any economy, be it personal economy or a national economy, leads to collapse. The US economy and dollar is very unhealthy. It is already known that the US debt levels are toxic and deadly, but according to a recent report, they may be far higher […]

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Japan Does Not Need US Corn, It Is Part Of A Long Term Strategy To Revive Empire

The Wall Street Journal recently printed an article saying that Japan does not need the extra corn. Even major Japanese political figures are saying that Japan does not need it in the objective sense: Deploying rhetorical gymnastics, Abe is helping Trump create the illusion that Tokyo will essentially bail out US farmers going broke amid […]

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The American Variant Of The Social Credit System Used In China Is Well On Its Way To Being Created

President Trump’s “mental health” comments and discussion of an initiative for such in light of the recent “mass shootings” (as while not to deny the existence of the shootings, there have been far too many reports from on-the-ground observers that there was more to each story to be told in the actual event that was […]

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