Archive | September 25, 2019

IRS Hires Company Tied Directly To The Highest Levels Of Israeli Military Intelligence To “Secure” Sensitive US Tax Data

“Death and taxes” are said to be the two things that nobody can avoid in life. Everybody dies no matter how hard a man tries to avoid death, and likewise, everybody is going to have to pay taxes at some point no matter how hard he works to avoid or evade them. People become very […]

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The Fact That Pitbull Owners Insist On Bringing Their Dogs On Planes Is The Reason Why Gun Rights Will Disappear

Dogs make wonderful pets, but sometimes things can go wrong. Dog bites and deaths by dog, while not terribly common for the latter, are horrible and serious things. Statistically speaking, however, there are certain breeds of dogs that are more or less likely to attack somebody. A Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever, while they can […]

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The One Thread That Keeps Getting Shut Down On 4Chan That Tells You What They Don’t Want You To Know

The website 4Chan is known for being a hub of degeneracy. However, owing to the fact that it is a relatively “uncensored” website save for highly illegal material, and due to the anonymous nature of the website, it also provides a very clear look into the minds of people around the world as well as […]

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