Archive | September 5, 2019

Abe Government Allows The Imperial Flag Of Japan To Be Raised During 2020 Olympic Games

The Olympic Games in theory allow different nations the chance to engage in friendly competition with each other that provides entertainment to a lot of people. It can also be a cover for conflict between nations, where by “fighting” with each other for sport victory, political leaders see it as an extension of their proxy […]

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Presidential Contender Bernie Sanders ADMITS He Wants To Murder Foreign Children In The Name Of Population Control While Biden’s Eye Fills Up With Blood

Every presidental election should be likened to a show for entertainment, whereby people watch the antics and then vote for the most attractive one. It is the the Roman gladiator games without the dismembered limbs, or the various “talent” shows on television without possessing an actual talent other than brownnosing with what are very wealthy […]

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