Archive | September 20, 2019

Harlots Are The Rocks Of Society That Can Be Turned Over And Reveal What Is Underneath

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that man is made up of both body and soul. It is a miracle to consider how the two interact with each other. The body dies, the soul lives on and is independent of the body, and St. Paul says that in the resurrection man will be reunited […]

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US Drone Slaughters Thirty Innocent People In Afghanistan

A U.S. drone attack killed at least 30 pine nut farmers and wounded at least 40 others in Afghanistan this past Wednesday night. It was the most recent round of murders of innocent civilians by US forces as according to reports, the farmers were finishing up work and were sitting by a fire when the […]

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Christians Need To Just Stop With The Political “Calls To Action”, They Are Useless And Ignore Reality

“It’s the end of America.” “If the “liberals” win this one, it’s all over.” “The Democrats want to do (insert bad things here), this is the last chance to stop them.” The above sentences are both phrases unto themselves and templates for American political rhetoric used by the “right” and many Christian circles when the […]

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