Archive | September 13, 2019

Infamous Porn Website That Promotes Sex Magick Puts In Million Dollar Offer To Name Major Stadium

The concept of corporate sponsorship for sports arenas and other buildings is not uncommon around the world. There are places in the US such as the Budweiser Center, the Dicks Sporting Goods Park, and Pepsi Center to name a few. However, according to a recent story, the Miami Heat team may be playing at “Bangbros Center” […]

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China Proves Right Again, Exempts Pork And Soy From Trade War Tariffs

The trade wars between the USA and China have certainly generated public attention. However, most of the pressure, invisible to the public, is on the Chinese in spite of what may appear. The reason for this has been discussed in multiple posts (here, here, here, here), which in summary is that China has an insufficient […]

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The Upcoming Amazon Synod Is Really About Paganism And Nationalism

By Walid & Theodore Shoebat In the last few Sundays we have presented ample prophecies from Scripture as to why the world, specifically Europe, will plunge into paganism. We have mentioned the Amazon Synod as a catapult towards syncretism in the Church. Some questioned us on this. We rarely pay attention to the rumors regarding […]

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