Archive | September 27, 2019

Migrant Crisis Impending As Half Of California Wants To Flee The State

California is the most populous US state, standing just shy of 40 million people. However, the ninth-largest economy in the world is also facing a record number of would-be refugees to other US states as approximately half of the population wants to flee to other states. According to statistics and citing housing costs as well […]

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The White Working Class Is In Decline Because Nobody Wants To Be Stuck In Tall Grass And Poverty

There is many times a strong correlation between demographics and politics, for while not all people of a given group will vote in a certain way, there usually are strong tendencies that can be noted. This is something that politicians are notorious for exploiting, because by pandering to select demographics, they can hope to sway […]

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Hindu Nationalists Will Use AI Technology To Enforce Hindu Supremacy

Hindu nationalism has been on the rise in India and with that, horrendous bouts of Christian persecution averaginve approximately one attack every 40 hours. The violence has not stopped, but only worsened. According to recent statistics, over 1,400 incidents of persecution against Christians in India have been reported since Indian PM Narendra Modi and his […]

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