Harlots Are The Rocks Of Society That Can Be Turned Over And Reveal What Is Underneath

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that man is made up of both body and soul. It is a miracle to consider how the two interact with each other. The body dies, the soul lives on and is independent of the body, and St. Paul says that in the resurrection man will be reunited with his body which will be glorified in Christ.

The body-soul connection is one of the reasons why many religions place prohibitions on the usages of drugs, or in some cases will actively encourage the use of drugs. Depending on the religion’s perspective, the issue is not whether drugs are good or bad (although all will certainly answer to some degree this question), but admit that there are physical substances which a man can use that somehow interfere with the body-soul connection. This can be for good or for evil, depending on the philosophy used. The Bible clearly states that drinking wine is OK, but drunkenness is not, for example.

Within the human body, it is believed there are “junctions” at which places the blood vessels and nervous system interact in special ways, and that pressing on them can cause positive or negative effects. This is the theory behind many massages and Chinese acupressure (and for the brave, acupuncture), for by triggering the body’s various junction points, one can alleviate problems. It is also used in a martial context for killing, as if a man can hit certain spots with enough force, it will cause extra damage to his opponent that will stop him.

This also applies to society as well. Consider the city of Constantinople or her nearby sister of Canakkale, which spread the Strait of Bosphorus and is the last or first major city in Europe or Asia, depending on the direction a man is coming from. This city is a unique mixture of people from all over the world and while all cities have their challenges, Istanbul has unique ones because of this reason. The same can be said about the outpost of Gibraltar in Southern Spain and Ceuta on the tip of Morocco that spreads the gap between Europe and Africa, or the city of Belgrade that separates the Balkan Peninsula from Central Europe, or the city of Kashgar in Northern India that separated the way on the Silk Road from westward towards Iran and Europe, northwards into Central Asia, or eastward into China. All of these cities are unique and important for historians because they provide an insight into the crossing points of human life and tell us a lot about who we are and where we come from, and what we believe and do.

In continuing my series on the adult industry, I thought to take the time to make this point because I do not believe that I have ever sufficiently explained this in such a way as it applies to the “industry” and what makes it so important.

If one looks at a society at any time in history, from the ancient world to modern times, there always sits a kind of “priesthood” class that usually is connected to the elite men that control the important resources of the society. This varies by culture, and an example that is both easy to understand and poignant is the role of the Church in European society, for she connected the rulers to the ruled and often times acted as a mediator between powerful factions as well as kept the society bound together. This unity was destroyed by the Protestant Revolution in the sixteenth century, but the need for a priestly class and its rituals did not go away, as it never disappears, only changing into different forms. Even if a man is not religious or does not believe in anything other than himself, if he is placed into a serious enough of a situation that threatens his power or position, and if he does not care about what steps to take to attempt to make it better, there is a chance he will take them.

In the ancient world, it was known that there was a gap between the rulers and the ruled, as it exists today. There was also a priestly class which existed which made “sacrifices” to whatever were the “gods” that a people worshiped in order to appease them and get their favor. Likewise, since these “gods” were also recognized as those who brought the human race into existence, something of the “creation” aspect would have to be likely honored in such rituals. This is why sexuality and as religion developed, sacred prostitution was a common feature of many ancient religions, for sexuality is the creative act that brings new life into existence just as the “gods” made the human race, and it is believed that through the creative act one connects to the source of creation in some way.

This likewise leads to the question of death, for if one is created, what happens when one dies? Each religion will answer this different, but this observation of the cycle of “life” and “death” was noted by the ancients and their religion attempted to answer this question. Likewise, they knew by natural law and experience that sacrifice was also necessary to advance any cause or idea in life. Parents sacrifice time and money to better their children. A nation sacrifices her people for the survival of future generations in a conflict. A good king is supposed to sacrifice himself for his country. A man sacrifices his personal desires to pursue something he believes to be right and worthwhile.

All of these are small examples for the sacrifice that Christ made on the cross for the human race. The need to sacrifice was noted, but how does this function? The ancients did not know Christ but they sought answers to these questions, and many concluded based on observation that the cycle of birth was related to death and also to sacrifice in a natural context. Therefore, many concluded that some of the life of this world would have to be sacrificed through death to bring about the continuation of life. While Christ is the true human sacrifice, He is both God and man, and in so doing bound God to man. The observation of the ancients in this manner explicitly reflects how the imprint of God is made in the souls of all men, even if they do not know the truth. Some of the ancients offered animal sacrifices, but then some took this idea to mean that men had to sacrifice other men in the context of sexual rites for fertility to bring about the continuation of life. This is where the temple prostitute becomes important, especially for women, because while her actions make money for the temple and perform religious ritual and social functions at the same time, a child conceived through her actions could be regarded as a type of offering to be sacrificed in a ritual by the priests of society.

It is also discussed how the priests involved in society were not always visible or accessable to the common man. However, the temple prostitute, be it a man or woman, was accessable and rather easily. Since the prostitute was involved in the rituals, to find the priests and those elite, powerful men in society whose names are seldom known and would usually participate in or seek out these rituals to help expand their own power, one could do so by following the temple prostitutes or the man who serves as the go-between (pimp) for the temple prostitutes to the sources of power.

This exact principle is what makes the adult industry so important, because nothing has ever changed except for tools, names, and places that all go towards the same end. The seeking of power will continue regardless of whether or not the Church is involved with the powerful elites of society, but what the Church does (and is supposed to do) is to put a stop to these types of bacchanalian rituals and replace them with the true ritual, and that is the sacrifice of the holy mass. The absence of the Church in power means not the leaders have not stopped seeking power, but that they have now turned likely to the paganism of old, a trend that has clearly returned in modern times and is infecting the world again, but this time directly rejecting the sacrifice of Christ.

Shoebat.com has consistently pointed out the uncomfortable fact that all of Western occultism is inseparable from the Kabbalah, for the Kabbalah is the pagan magic of the ancient world of Babylon which Christ came to set man free from. Just as Christ taught that to be a Jew is to be a member of the “chosen people” of God by grace and obedience to Christ regardless of race, it was those Jews who rejected Christ and instead returned to Babylon and took its wicked rituals as the seldom-spoken force behind their own religion that masquerades as truth. It is why to be Catholic is to embrace the true Judaism, the perfected religion of the prophets and patriarchs, and holy men of old, and that the contemporary Judaism is, when stripped down of all trapping to its innermost essence, the revival of the paganism of Babylon who drove those men who murdered the prophets and patriarchs and holy men, who threw Jeremiah in a cistern and the three brothers Shadrach, Mischach, and Abednego into the furnace out of a hatred of God and His truth.

Much of the spiritual struggle in the Western world between good and evil is that of the true Sacrifice of the Mass versus the power-seeking of the Kabbalah, which promises to “heal the world”, called “tikkun olam,” and thus create a good life in this earth, for while Heaven may be spoken of, the emphasis in word and practice is on the things of the world, which Christ said He came to overcome. However, all ritual must come with sacrifice, and as many have pointed out throughout history, testified to not out of racism but out of genuine and deeply held religious piety and in combination with scholarship and evidence, spoken by the Catholic Church and even major Jewish scholars such as Professor Ariel Toaff in modern times, that while “blood libel” can be used to slander innocent people, it cannot be ignored either. The case of St. Simon of Trent in the west, or the murder of Andrei Yushchinsky in the east, are just two of many that speak to the uncomfortable reality, of some people making rites involving the murder of children in a context that accords to rituals derived from the writing of the Kabbalah.

But such rituals do not necessarily involve human sacrifice, as they can also be for power too. For example, the well-known Rabbi Yosef Dayan openly admitted to being involved in a Kabbalistic ritual with a group of rabbis in order to have Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin murdered.

The more one looks into the use of “rituals” involving things such as this, the more one must ask questions.

For example, why was the entire PizzaGate scandal, in which there were photos clearly using language commonly used among pedophiles as well as photos indicating potential physical abuse and even murdering children that overlapped with major political donors in the Democrat party and “artists” casting “spells”, such as Mariana Abramovic? Why was the Jewish Rothschild family, who is arguably the most powerful banking family in the world, all over this scandal through relative James Alefantis as well as Evelyn de Rothschild?

Why was Jeffrey Epstein, a Jewish pedophile whose power came through the Jewish billionaire Lex Wexner and spread to many powerful elites throughout the world including businessmen, politicians, and royalty, involved in a sex scandal with children of which evidence that is available to the public seems to indicate a ring of pedophilia as well as murder within such a type of environment that suggests a sort of ritual was taking place, and why was the government so quick to shut down the entire conversation about it through “closing” the case with scarcely an investigation in spite of the many victims who have come forward in testimony against him?

Why is it that the development of AI systems, which arguably began with DARPA in the 1960s, still cannot be explained as to how they function?

Why is it that the US government high military brass and military defense leadership or scientist intellgensia is known to have had major satanists within her ranks, such as Jack Parsons and Thomas Aquino, or who has worked with extensive projects that promote occultism or satanism, such as Project Stargate or the Neo-nazi movement?

In that case, one should also inquire about the meteoric rise of the US in such a small historical time line to world power, as well as that of her parent nation, the UK, at one time controlling almost 25% of the world and still having great influence all over the world with the US. Did this power come from their own doings, or perhaps was there other “assistance?” After all, it is known that the National Socialists in Germany sought occult powers, especially through the Kabbalah, in order to build National Socialist philosophy, and that in Russia there was a lot of occultism in the days that lead up to the Russian revolution as well as was practiced after in the ranks of Soviet scientists and military upper ranks.

Could one consider that perhaps, the reason why Oliver Cromwell invited the Jews back into the US was not only for money, but that by getting rid of the moral barriers provided by the Church, he might be able to attempt to use magic rituals to expand his and the nation’s power?

These are very serious questions, and while one must absolutely not make any sort of “blanket statement” about any one group or to assume anything at all about major facts in world history, one has a responsibility to ask difficult questions in an attempt to seek real answers to them that may be even harder to accept than the questions asked about them. But this is what must be done when seeking truth, for only in this way can a man be set free.

It is a known fact that Jews run the porn industry, as they admit this themselves. If one thinks about this, and without making any rash assumptions or using this as a justification for hatred or violence, one must put this into context with the totality of human history and Christian teaching and consider that the infamous words of Jewish pornography producer and peddler Al Goldstein hold true for why such involvement exists:

But before one says “it is just Jews doing this”- something which I did not say, but only pointed out a curious trend that merits further investigation based on historical fact and good evidence -there is a historical example that one can use, and that is the Affair of the Poisons from France. One can read more about it by clicking on the link, but the short answer to this is that it was a massive scandal in 17th century France where the detective Nicholas de la Reynie, a just man and who is considered one of the most important figures in the creation of modern policing, helped to expose and prosecute a rogue priest and witch known for providing illegal abortions who worked with dozens of people, many with great influence in society, to acquire, keep, and expand power by ritually sacrificing babies conceived by prostitutes or from other women who did not want their newborn babies in demonic rituals. The incident scandalized France but, like the case of Gilles de Rais, was another mark in history of the existence of such things.

Indeed, and without making any sort of blanket statements or pronouncement as a definitive and proven fact, since one does not want to slander or libel the good name of an individual or group of people, one must consider the possibility that among some circles of people, the adult industry may function as a “revolving door” between individuals in society to the most powerful men with the prostitute standing at the junction between the two worlds and providing the bridge between them, from the rulers to the ruled, from the metaphysical to the physical.

Pornography is a gateway to many things such as promiscuity, homosexuality, abortion, and the acceptance of deviant behaviors, lifestyles, and practices.

Likewise, there are some who have proposed for a long time a connection between child sexual abuse and pornography, for with very recent exceptions owing to the rise of the smart phone and the general decline of morality, many people who become involved in porn admit to having been sexually abused as a child by a relative or older adult, or by a boyfriend as a teenager or young adult and without support in time of need. Likewise, many times people who are poor or addicted to drugs get involved in porn to fund their personal problems. This is not to say that all cases are as such, but there is a strong trend to indicate these things, and it is a known fact that the adult industry in the US for a long time was involved in the production of child pornography (to be discussed in a future article).

Child sexual abuse is not new. It is as old as time, and likewise, children who grow up around people involved in such practices are a higher rate of being abused also. Child abuse in the ancient world was not always, but certainly at times was done in the context of religion for specific purposes, up to an including abominable things.

The sin of the harlot is so obvious, and as Sacred Scripture states it defiles both body and soul. But this is also why the sin of the harlot and in the case of modern times, the main way by which the sin of the harlot is propagaged- the adult industry -is so important to study. Strattling the boundary between life and death of the body and soul, just like in the ancient world, this sin is a bridge between the physical and the spiritual, and it is still used for this reason.

If one wants to see into the underside of society, one must read many things and spend time researching. But he who would forget to pay attention to the harlots will never be able to have a complete picture, since it is in them that one will eventually find, intentionally or unintentionally, the bridge to the unspoken powers of society whose names few will speak but are present. They are the rocks of society which can be overturned and expose all of the things otherwise invisible.

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