Admitted Pederast Milo Yiannopoulos Now Is Affiliating Himself With Bestiality Fetishists Known For Child Sexual Abuse has been adamant that Milo Yiannopoulos is not merely a danger in terms of the public positions that he espouses, but that given his self-identification as a citizen of sodom and admitted pederasty, he is a danger to adults and children alike, and people of good will should have nothing to do with him. Ted has addressed this issue multiple times, including an interview made in the last year with Gary Michael Voris, the founder of Church Militant and another admitted and now “former” sodomite when the two discussed on Voris’s radio show that the age of consent should be lowered to sixteen:


The age of consent issue, while there is room in concept for debating to the age of eighteen serving as an arbitrary marker to define when one is legally mature, now is absolutely not the time for debate because one does not debate changing the rules by which controversial issues or topics are discussed while in the middle of a controversy, for laws are established not to be changed in times of confusion, but to serve as guideposts to follow so that one may avoid confusion and seek a clear resolution.

The fact that Milo would be invited on the show of a known practitioner of the ways of sodom, and that they would mutually agree that society should change the settled rules on a subjecting being hotly debated and which is something that the sodomite lobby supports is highly questionable. However, there are many people who said that pointing out such was indicative of ‘leftist’ bias against Milo or the inability to forgive him for his past decisions.

It is to our knowledge that while Milo has publicly stated his affinity for sodom, he has neither publicy repented nor renounced of his statements. He continues to claim that he is living the lifestyle of sodom.

Now recently, Milo was caught again in what some are calling a ‘troll campaign’ as according to The Spectator, Milo is attempting to involve himself with the “furry” subculture.

…the right-wing provocateur is trying to start a new life among furries — a vibrant community of individuals who are interested in anthropomorphic characters and bestial fetishism.

According to Yiannopoulos’s Telegram, he has registered for a furry convention called Midwest FurFest. The event site explains FurFest is ‘an annual convention which takes place in the west suburbs of Chicago, Ill.…to celebrate the furry fandom, which includes art, literature and performances based around anthropomorphic animals.’ (source)

There have been various speculations as to why he has done this. Some have said that, like the supposed “Straight Pride Parade” that Milo organized in Boston, it is just another attempt to “troll” people for public attention, similar to what Tim Treadstone, a.k.a. “Baked Alaska” did for his time when he left BuzzFeed to join the Alt-Right and participate in the Charlottesville Protests, and only now go back to the “left” and attack the Alt-Right, except that Milo was and still is far more successful than what Tim ever was or is.

The Spectator notes that political Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar “follows” Midwest FurFest on Twitter, and given references to supposed connections of candidate Robert O’Rourke with “furries”, the Spectator speculates that possibly this may be something to watch, especially including that Milo attempted to give a seminar at the conference entitled ‘The Politics of Fur’.

What Milo Yiannopoulos is doing there is as good as guess as it is for anybody, but since he has been labeled by the conference a ‘fursona non grata’, he has been subsequently barred and will not be attending. However, he did manage to get a cartoonist to draw a ‘fursona’, or cartoon picture of him as a furry.

Since 2016, I have warned about the danger and prevalence of “furries,” because while it is a very small group of people and began scarcely a half-century ago in 1983, the very idea of “fur fandom” grew out of sodomite groups as a way of expressing in a socially-acceptable way and under the guise of cartoons a bestiality and child rape fetish that allows them to transfer their sexual impulses into pretend characters. It is not the same as but related to the phenomena of “transgenderism” because just as the transgender believes that by taking drugs, changing his behaviors and wardrobe, and even mutilating his genitals he can defy the biological reality that is imprinted into every part of his being on a cellular level, so the “furry” believes that by putting on his “fursuit” he undergoes a transformation from himself into the thing that he is wearing. It is essentially a form of pagan spirit possession no different that what is found in many parts of Africa, India, and in the ancient world, except that instead of the masks and costumes made from grass, wood, or tree bark, the fursuits are made from plastic while the concept remains the same.

Furries will often times talk about ‘preventing child abuse’ because the “furry community”, if one can call it such, is a bunch of sodomites (who already, from a statistical point of view, have a much higher likelihood and rate of sexual abuse as compared the general population) who are LARPing about turning into animals. This naturally, immediately, and inherently has a sexualized component to it. Furries are notorious for “yiffing” (search the term online at your own risk), which is where two furries wearing fursuits simulate sexual acts with each other while making animal sounds. Cartoon pornography made with furries is very common, and so common that an entire separate unlisted board (Reddit link, NOT 4Chan) on 4Chan, called /trash/, was created as a containment unit for people who post pornography related to Furries.

Likewise, the furry perversion does not stop there and crosses into the sexual abuse of children, using the costumes both to lure them as well as in which to act out their perverted fantasies. While there are no directly available statistics, and while certainly one cannot definitively say that all or most of such people partake or desire to partake in such practices, it is known that there are not a few cases of furries involving sodomite abuse (such as here and here), one of the worse ones was in Pennsylvania, where a group of furries ran a child sexual abuse ring abusing children for years, and in which the last member was only sentenced to prison recently.

Some can say that Milo was “trolling,” but then why would he have a cartoon made of him in the style of a “fursona”? Doing this and claiming not to want to associate with being a furry does not make sense.

There are any number of causes or events that Milo could choose to “troll”. What Milo’s actions reinforce is that which was exposed years ago, which is that Milo chooses to associate with people who have known connections to sodomite behavior, child abuse, and the worst forms of perversity, indicating that in spite of what his acolytes may say, Milo was not lying when he made is comments in support of sodomite pederasty.

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