The One Thread That Keeps Getting Shut Down On 4Chan That Tells You What They Don’t Want You To Know

The website 4Chan is known for being a hub of degeneracy. However, owing to the fact that it is a relatively “uncensored” website save for highly illegal material, and due to the anonymous nature of the website, it also provides a very clear look into the minds of people around the world as well as in different particular geographic locales.

The way the site works is that certain topics are limited to certain discussion boards, and if a conversation is not considered “relevant”, than moderators can move to another board or entirely delete a topic. Certain topics or links are quickly deleted, especially those related to questionable material. Likewise, some topics are moved if there is a need to- for example, placing a thread about cartoons in the fitness area will get the thread deleted or, depending on the nature of the cartoon, moved to a thread dedicated to its particular topic.

4Chan has undergone many changes over the years. The board has always had a large amount of trash in it, and the amount and disgust level of said trash tends to increase with each year. However, there are some threads and discussions that have increased over the years, and some that are very good.

There is one particular discussion that would like to focus on. This discussion used to be permitted, and it was popular and eventually became very popular, but has since disappeared from the board. People will upload and re-upload it, but the discussion is now regularly censored and for meaningless reasons other than what appears that people simply don’t wait it being discussed.

What thread could this be that is so “controversial” that in spite of all of the things that are put out on the board is constantly being removed, and people who are putting it up are getting banned, sometimes even permanently?

This thread you can look up in any of the 4Chan archiving websites, such as 4Plebs or, as it is regularly made again once the thread “expires” from the catalogue.

The thread is called /SIG/, meaning “Self Improvement General”.

Now as a warning, because this is 4Chan, many /SIG/ posts also are interspersed with National Socialist or pagan propaganda. However, it is the concept- not even necessarily the threads themselves- that I want to discuss.

The whole concept behind /SIG/ is that an individual man cannot save the world, but he can help himself and get himself into a position that is good enough where he can help others in his sphere of influence. /SIG/ is not about “saving the world” through lobbying, activism, or other commonly associated techniques, but is a philosophy where the transformation of a society- be it for good or bad -begins with individual actions directed first at the self and then to those immediately around you.

The concept of /SIG/ is not “anti-political,” but inherently political because it emphasizes that politics begins with people, and a man’s politics are a reflection of his personal self, and so if one wants to change politics, one has to begin with himself.

Is society unhealthy, miserable, and dying? It is because that is the state of the people, and for many people who are not making a conscious effort to stand against it, it is likely that you, the individual, are dying along with them. Anything about a society- be its rise or its fall -starts within those who make up the society, and it is magnified into how the society views itself and what it presents to the world. This is why certain countries or regions seem to act in a certain way, because it is reflecting how the people there behave.

The exception to this is the man who makes a choice to act differently and then, having consciously chosen his path, goes out and forges the way that he believes to be best, making available use of all the tools and help he can acquire along the way. This is not to say that such a man is a “rugged individualist” or that he is even somebody special, but that instead of swimming with the tides of popular belief or actions, he has chosen his path and is following it as he understands it to be most beneficial. Many times this means following current social trajectories (as they arise for a reason), but it also means deviating from the social trajectory if he believe that it is not healthy or good.

This is where /SIG/ is so important, because it allows a make to partake of the best of society in his best way while at the same time making choices that help him to help himself and those around him.

God gives a man free will, and while one must believe in and obey God, God expects man to do his part in cooperation with His plan of salvation. Part of this involves becoming the man that God wants him to become. This is the highest form of any self-improvement, as it is not about a pursuit for vanity, but a pursuit of theosis in accordance with the divine will.

This quest is spiritual, but because man is an individual with a body and a soul, it also necessarily involves many other aspects. It is physical fitness, intellectual rigor, self-discipline, and discovering one’s talents and flaws, to emphasize the former and improve the latter.

In the ancient world, pagan peoples worshiped the body or the mind, and they did so not always because they were evil, but because they saw, in a flawed way, that the quest for self-improvement was a step on the pathway towards closeness to God. This was perfected when Christ came and revealed to the world, which is that the steps a man takes in life towards self-improvement do not make him into a god, but are meant to fulfill his purpose of creation to eventually unite him fully with his Creator in perfect happiness.

Right now in the Western world, there is a tremendous amount of nihilism among Millennials and increasingly the Zoomer generations. There is a strong sense of sadness, and a lack of a sense of control among many at what has become a degenerate world filled with perversion in ways that have not been seen since ancient times, and in some ways that are historically unprecidented in its totality. This sadness, however, is for the ones who see and care about what is happening, for many- possibly the majority -are so already invested into the current darkness that only is worsening that they do not care about what is taking place and neither do many of them care to.

Threads promoting nihilism on 4Chan, called “Doomer”, /doomer/, or /doom/, are popular and left to be filled with all kinds of complaints or regrets and an admission of a lack of hope are allowed to stay on until their natural ends. But /SIG/ threads are lucky to stay fifteen minutes on 4Chan now as the moderators are deleting the threads and banning the users.

This should tell you what is happening.

There is an attempt being made right now to control your thinking.

The powers-that-be who control and direct media and entertainment want you, the average man, to either go along with the current status quo, or they want you to embrace a sense of hopelessness at the future and a state of mind that believes you have no power to improve it.

It is true that society is falling apart, and that a major global conflict is coming. There will be a lot of suffering and misery.

You cannot save the world. But you can help yourself and those around you.

You can improve yourself- soul, mind, and body -with concentrated efforts and hard work so that you eventually become somebody that you can be proud of.

This is why /SIG/ threads are being banned. Because unlike ridiculous ideas about how to “fix society”, /SIG/ offers a real answer that is possible to achieve for anybody, and it can make a serious difference if one cares.

/SIG/ is political, because politics begins with you. Change yourself, and you will change your community and in time, the nation will change.

For Christians, this is perfected that as one strives to fulfill his purpose in life and improve himself, he does so with the aim of eventually helping himself to become closer to God and perfect in submission to God’s plan for him.

The world is getting worse, but for the man who wants to love and serve God, who is willing to follow his ideas to their logical ends, and who will not care what others think, much success awaits him now and following death.

With all of the resources available and potential today, one has nothing lose, but a world- and an afterlife -to gain.

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