Hindu Nationalists Will Use AI Technology To Enforce Hindu Supremacy

Hindu nationalism has been on the rise in India and with that, horrendous bouts of Christian persecution averaginve approximately one attack every 40 hours. The violence has not stopped, but only worsened.

According to recent statistics, over 1,400 incidents of persecution against Christians in India have been reported since Indian PM Narendra Modi and his Hindu nationalist BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) ascended to power. In addition, members of other religious groups, such as Moslems, were highly affected due to the intense persecution, which has been reported to involves abuses such as rapes, communal violence, and false charges of “forced” religious conversion.

“Cases such as these are becoming commonplace in India and are largely fueled by rhetoric of BJP and other [Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh] officials,” ICC advocacy director Matias Perttula said at the beginning of the briefing. “They show a clear indication of the decline of religious freedom and an increase in the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities.”

“During the period of 2014 to 2018, India witnessed a sharp increase of violence targeting religious minorities,” he said. “Faith-based human rights organizations recorded over 1,000 incidents in the past five years against the Christian minority community. That doesn’t include other minority communities that are facing other levels of persecution violence.” (source)

The statistics do not exaggerate in this case, as 16 out of the 29 states in India “regularly witness attacks on Christians,” since Hindu nationalists looked upon them as “traitors” in both a religious and an ethnic sense. Many are considered to be “slaves”, “spies,” or just “fools” who are submitting to “Western dominance” and are “disgracing” the glory of India, that can only be revived, according to Hindu nationalists, by taking the current pagan practices of India to their furthest logical conclusions through the institution of a “pure Hindu ethnostate” and the mass murder or forced Hinduization of all peoples living in their particular Lebensraum.

MapViolence.In, which tracks acts of Hindu nationalist violence against Indian Christians based on a combination of local and news reports, has noted that not only has the violence increased dramatically with each year and no sign in stopping or softening the trend, but that it is becoming more systematic. As the map notes, some of the hardest-hit states for persecution are those of Chattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. The attacks can include any number of forms, including assaults on individuals, whole groups, clergy, mob violence, the destruction of churches, interruption of religious services, accusations of forced conversions, forced conversion to Hinduism, or obstruction from local governments against Christians.

“In 2018, 100 churches were closed. Hindu fundamentalists either raided them or filed complaints with police,” Nelson said. “Christians find themselves attacked by mobs and accused of converting others by force.”

A lot of people who are watching the state of persecution in India right now may think that things are bad, but they are about to get far worse.

Shoebat.com has noted that India has the most advanced national ID card system in the world, called the “Aadhar” system and is where one keeps his personal information. Since the Aadhar links to bank accounts, it can be used to exert financial control over people, ranging from seizing funds to theoreticaly, preventing people from buying or selling if they are considered to be an “enemy” of the government. The card is widespread, and is held by over 90% of India’s population.

The recent developments in AI technology, and the fact that India aggressively attempts to associate herself with upcoming technologies points to another factor seldom discussed, with is how a Chinese-style system of total surveillance could easily emerge within India by way of said card. Simply put, it would only take a network of cameras and data centers- the former which are cheaply purchased comparatively, and the latter which India already has a large supply of -to extract and process data and then to associate said data with individual persons, especially by way of using the Aadhar card.

Does a person eat things considered “un-hindu”? Does a person do things considered “patriotic”? Such questions could easily be programmed into an algorithim in order to give a “score” based on his actions that will determine the “trustworthiness” of an individual. A good standing member of the BJP, for example, might have a high score and be afforded many social privelages. A Christian, for example, might have most of his privelages stripped from him and be largely barred from participation in greater society.

The Hindu Nationalists are already working on this. Vishwal Sikka, a major Indian CEO with deep ties to Silicon Valley, has recently talked about how AI will be a “major disruptor” in Indian society, and that AI will be built on a scale to deal with a billion people, and that India hopes to become a “world leader” in it:

On the other hand, if we are able to bring AI education, the ability to build AI systems to India at a very large scale, and I’m talking about the billion plus people, then India can really leapfrog and become the world’s leader in artificial intelligence, in AI skills and AI talent,” (source)

The reason why India wants to be a “world leader” in it is not only for money and power, but for control and the promotion of the Hindu ideal society. As it has been pointed out before, India is greatly inspired by the National Socialist movement of Germany as she was in the past, likely due to the associations with her Aryan past. Just like with the European nations, India sees supertechnology as a means by which she will become “great” but in a way of not necessarily being a world “conqueror”, but rather conquering the minds and bodies of her people through the imposition and enforcement of Hinduism.

A trend to watch for in India will be not merely AI, but the use of AI to enforce Hindu nationalism and ethnic supremacy and the expense of Christians and others

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