Future Of Poland Sits In The Crossroads As The Sodomite Lobby Continues To Grow In Power

There are few areas left in Europe that have been, comparatively speaking, not negatively influenced to the point of complete chaos by the US, UK, and Germany in a pursuit of power.

Homosexuality has always been associated with power and the pursuit of it, and it is well-known that the US has used the promotion of homosexuality around the world to advance geopoltical aims. This has been discussed extensively in the Shoebat archives.

Most places in the Western world have fallen. Western Europe and the US speak for themselves, much of Latin America, and many parts in Asia. Russia opposes the LGBT, but as I have noted, gives quiet support to it and views opposition as a way of countering the US, not an issue of principle. The holdouts are some nations in Africa and the Middle East and a few others.

One of these nations that does not accept the LGBT is Poland. As such, she has become a major target of the worldwide sodomite cabal and their supporters which back her. This is aggravated by the fact of the close US-Polish relationship and US military intervention into Poland against Russia.

Most of the sodomite “pride” events in Poland have either been in the capitol or in the western regions. Neither is surprising, due to the cosmopolitan nature of the city today, as well as the fact that northern and western Poland are tremendously influenced by Germany owing to history. This area of Poland, called “Poland A”, is often contrasted with “Poland B”, which is the eastern and southern half that is more Slavic and Catholic. This difference shows up in language, cultural practices, religious belief, and life at large.

It is not common to see sodomite activity in “Poland B”, so when it appears, it is deserving of attention.

In the major eastern Polish city of Lublin, near the Ukrainian border and known for its historically heavy Jewish population, several hundred sodomites gathered under police protection to march in support of masturbating into each others large intestines. However, a majority of people were opposed and threw object at the protestors.

Some 400 supporters of LGBT+ rights marched through the eastern Polish city of Lublin some 170 kilometres (105 miles) southeast of Warsaw, waving rainbow-coloured flags and banners with slogans such as “Jesus taught love” and “Homophobia threatens Polish families”.

But counter-protesters, some wearing ultra-nationalist T-shirts, clashed with police as they moved to block the marchers and then yelling anti-gay slogans, hurled bottles and eggs as the pride rally moved through the city.

Police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the counter-protesters, some of whom were taken into custody.

Earlier this week a Polish court overruled a ban imposed on the march by Lublin Mayor Krzysztof Zuk over safety concerns. (source)

Likewise, many people in Poland, both in politics as well as in the clergy alike, have come out and opposed the clear attempts at imposing the sodomite agenda on the nations. Conservative ruling party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski has already condemned gay rights as a “threat” to families in Poland, the Polish political party PiS has promoted the concept of zones that are “free of LGBT ideology”, and thankfully, Polish Archbishop Marek Jedraszewski has openly called the sodomite infection the next great plague afflicting Poland after the scourge of communism.

“The red plague no longer runs on our land,” the clergyman said, referring to communism.

“But a new plague has emerged, neo-Marxist, that wants to seize our souls, hearts and spirits. A plague that is not red but rainbow.”

Much criticism is given at times over the focus on the LGBT issue, but it is one that is deserving of this because of the serious implications it has if one is a Christian.

Will Poland be able to survive the current imposition of the LGBT agenda? It is possible, but less likely because there is support growing for it, largely among younger people and being forced from outside by a relentless propaganda campaign.

If Poland falls, then there will no longer be any large nation or bloc left opposing the rise of Sodom.

The future largely remains with the youth. Will they support the Church and the Faith, or will they oppose it?

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