Sodomite-Supporting Warmonger And Whoremonger Lectures Evangelicals About Religion

President Trump, who has made clear his support for sodom, illegal wars done for foreign and economic interests, and whoremongering recently warned Evangelicals about a ‘loss of religious freedom’ if the ‘Democrats’ win.

President Donald Trump launched his “Evangelicals for Trump” coalition Friday night, telling hundreds gathered at one of the country’s largest Hispanic megachurches that evangelical support for his re-election will be even greater than it was for his election campaign in 2016.

Trump gave a lengthy speech at El Ray Jesus Church in Miami at a much-anticipated rally that was also attended by leading conservative evangelical figures such as James Dobson, Cissie Graham Lynch, Jack Graham, Alveda King, and Paula White.

The event and coalition were announced one day after a Christianity Today editorial last month denounced the president and called for his resignation. That editorial quickly put the political divisions within evangelicalism in the national spotlight and was followed by a letter from nearly 200 evangelical leaders denouncing both CT and its outgoing editor Mark Galli.

“In 2016, evangelical Christians went out and they worked so hard and they produced numbers like they have never produced before,” Trump told the crowd. “Based on what Paula told me and Cissie told me and everybody told me, we are going to blow those numbers away in 2020.”

Exit polling suggests that 76 percent of self-identified white evangelicals voted for Trump in the 2016 election. Since his election, Trump said he has been fighting for evangelicals and has “achieved results nobody thought was possible.”

Many conservative evangelicals have strongly supported a number of Trump’s policies and actions relating to issues of abortion, religious freedom, judicial appointments, LGBT issues, Israel, and criminal justice reform.

“Evangelicals and Christians of every denomination and believers of every faith have never had a greater champion … in the White House than you have right now,” Trump declared. “I am not saying that in any other way other than just look at the record. Together, we are not only defending our constitutional rights, but we are also defending religion itself, which is under siege.”

Trump told cheering supporters that although his administration is “winning,” the country cannot let “one of our radical left friends” take office.


Now the Democrats are not to be trusted in terms of their platform on religion. However, it is highly ironic that this is coming from a man who in spite of his claims of supporting Christianity, has supported the sin of sodom, has a history of whoremongering, and is engaging in legally questionable activity, or sometimes outright illegal activities.

This is not a left or right issue. Trump has shown himself to be an unrepentant sinner who likes holding onto his sin. This was a point that Christianity Today made, and which Trump himself attacked the magazine for, calling it “far left” when the criticism given was the same as that which went to Nixon and Clinton.

The nature of sin does not change with political affiliation.

This does not even touch on how Trump has not only done very little to help Christians in the Middle East, but how he has also advanced laws and legal opinions that could be used to attack Christianity in the future.

Trump is not a friend of Christians regardless of denomination. He only cares about the Evangelical Boomer vote, which he needs in order to win in 2020.

He does not deserve their vote because he lied to them before and he is going to lie again.

Is one afraid ‘the Democrats’ will win? It does not fundamentally matter at this point because all signs point to Trump being set up to win. He is clearly the preferred candidate because if he wins, it practically guarantees a Democrat 2024 to 2032 victory.

Republicans of good will who believe this is about the platforms are being deceived. It is not about this at all, but about setting up conditions for a war, and the platform will be discarded as soon as the election is over.

For those who want to vote in a way that would likely jam up the current plans, it would most likely be to vote for whoever the Democrat candidate will be because, as I have stated on the basis of the current trends, it seems that the Democrat candidate is not “supposed” to win this time. I am NOT saying that one should ‘vote Democrat’, or that Democrats are a good choice, but that when one considers the principles that Trump is proposing versus the probable reality of what will eventually happen under a second term with him on the basis of his history and measured against similar cases in previous presidencies lasting two terms such as Obama, Bush II, Clinton, and Reagan, a Trump loss would likely cause the most actual disruption toward advancing the agendas of the military-industrial complex and the Israeli lobby, both of which Trump is heavily tied to and has submitted himself willingly to.

This is not to say that a Democrat president would be good, moral, or that one should vote for him. I cannot state this enough because in a contest between two evils of the nature as this, taking one evil over the other evil is to die from just a different type of poison, but it does not matter since both bring a person to death. What I am stating is that Trump is GOING to deceive his base again because he ALREADY lied to them and completely broke his promises in egregious ways, he has not apologized, he shows no intentions of fulfilling his promises, and if anything, he will likely do the reverse of what he says. One may remember where he spoke of stopping ‘Muslim migration’ and protecting the Second Amendment, yet what Trump did was to threaten with deportation or make it much harder for Christians fleeing terrorism in the Middle East to come to the US, and he took away Second Amendment rights as opposed to expanding them.

Trump is a false messiah. The fact that he is saying that Christian religious liberties are under threat from ‘Democrats’ likely means, based on his patterns, that if he is voted back into power, Trump is again going to pass legislation that is ultimately used to hurt Christians long-term. At least with a Democrat in power, it would rally the Evangelical bases to stand up against objective Democrat assaults, and would likely result in a galvanization of the ‘religious’ bloc on the right wing and make it stronger and possibly even gain support for it, and in that sense, a Democrat might actually grow the power of religion in the US as a political force instead of continuing to weaken it.

Some people have called Trump an “orange cheeto”, but this is unfair and inaccurate. Rather, he is more a golden calf for the Evangelical right, a false idol onto which people are projecting their hopes and worship that acts as a substitute for God but ends in political idolatry and justifying behaviors that are morally reprehensible.

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