Jewish Man In Michigan Says He Was Stabbed In An ‘Anti-Semitic Hate Crime’ Committed By A ‘White Male’, Turns Out That He Stabbed Himself So He Could Get Out Of Work

A Jewish man in Michigan recently declared that he was the victim of a “hate crime” after being stabbed for being Jewish. However, his Apple watch was tracking his actions, and it revealed that this man stabbed himself and made up the crime so he could get out of work.

Samit reported he was attacked and stabbed in the abdomen by an unknown man in the parking lot at the Temple Kol Ami, where he worked as a cantorial soloist, which is a music director.

He reported the crime on Dec. 15, telling police that he was confronted about 7 p.m. as he was leaving work by a white male in his late 30s to early 40s.

Samitt said that the alleged attacker shouted, “You Jews!” and said “too many immigrants are here,” according to the police report obtained by the Free Press through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Samitt told officers that he was punched in the chest and abdomen during the encounter and he feared for his life, the report said. He said he escaped by kneeing the attacker in the groin and pushing him away, then drove himself to Henry Ford Hospital where a security staff called local authorities about the attack.

Police said officers searched the parking lot for a weapon, blood or any other piece of evidence but came back negative. K-9 officers were not able to locate a scent on the suspect.

While searching Temple Kol Ami, detectives found bloody tissues in Samitt’s office and the men’s bathroom. They also located a knife in the kitchen area with blood on the tip of the blade.

Suspecting Samitt’s wounds were self-inflicted, officers obtained surveillance footage from a house across the street and confirmed that no assault took place.

Police said Samitt admitted to making up the attack and said he lost consciousness and accidentally stabbed himself while he was washing dishes at the synagogue. He said he lied about the incident because he was being harassed at work about his medical condition.

The second story also turned out to be fabricated, police said.

Officers were able to obtain information from Samitt’s cellphone health application that was synced to his Apple Watch, confirming he did not lose consciousness. Samitt then admitted to intentionally stabbing himself.

“I put the knife in to see like just how deep it went because I wasn’t really sure then in the process I probably dug it in a little more.”

He told police he wanted out of his contract with Temple Kol Ami and this was his way out.

Temple Kol Ami Executive Director Cheryl Friendman told police that Samitt had been an employee for about 1½ years.

A member of the synagogue told the Free Press, “Sean resigned on Dec. 16 and there is no other information.”

When contacted by the Free Press, the Jewish Community Center of Metro Detroit would only say it takes these matters very seriously.

“We are so very grateful for our law enforcement in Detroit who takes every hate crime seriously,” Assistant Executive Director Heidi Budaj said. “We are fortunate to have a partnership with West Bloomfield Township Police who acts to keep our community safe.”

“We are very disturbed to hear of incidents like these. Not only is it a crime to file a false police report, but those who commit such acts take vital resources away from the folks who need help from law enforcement, said Carolyn Normandin, Regional Director of Anti Defamation League Michigan. “At a time when we are fighting real anti-Semitism, falsifying reports is destructive and we strongly condemn such acts.”

According to the ADL, a false case “could have a detrimental impact on those actual victims of bias crimes who seek justice in the future.”

Samitt’s false report occurred in the same month of two major anti-Semitic attacks in the U.S. In Jersey City, New Jersey, a shooting at a kosher market on Dec. 10 left six dead including two Hasidic Jews. The city’s mayor, Steven Fulop, said on Twitter that officials believed that the gunmen had “targeted the location they attacked.” (source)

I have said many times before that objectively hating people for being who they are, racially speaking, is wrong. No man can help how he is born, but rather it is how he conducts himself that matters as he has a choice in that.

This is where most of the so-called “anti-semitism”, which is a racial term, seems to originate from. While it is true that race-based hatred of Jewish people is real (as it is for other ethnic groups of all backgrounds), a lot of what many Jewish activists or lobbyists attempt to assert or in some cases, genuinely seem to believe is racially-motivated is actually not, but rather is rooted in Jewish behavioral patterns that are documented throughout history where Jews will abuse and mistreat people often times to the legally-permitted extreme, and if illegal, many will rally to the defense of the perpetrator and to blame the accused. This is noted in the Old Testament many times by the Prophets, and is something that has been the continual cause of many of Israel’s woes, which can be summarized as indifference to the suffering of others, over-exaggeration of their own sufferings, and assuming an absolutist, amoral, “what-in-it-for-me” attitude to life.

I remember a case of two children I was watching, and I was told by the older one that the younger one had punched him very hard in the stomach and it hurt, and he was upset. I called them over and listened to the story. What happened was that the older one started as a joke to call the younger one “penis breath”, and the younger one wanted the older one to stop but he did not and continued. After a while, the younger one got so tired of it he hit the older one as hard as he could and walked away. While I had to tell the younger one that next time he should talk to one of the adults before things get out of hand, I also told the older one that he deserved what he got because one cannot go around harassing people and expect others not to respond.

This is what the story of the Jew is. Whether it is (and speaking in a modern context) filing lawsuits, protests, strange forms of activism, claims of malpractice, complaining at restaurants, demanding free things from hotels, demanding unreasonable answer from low-level customer service representatives, or just being a generally unpleasant and annoying person to be around, such behaviors when done too frequently lead people to not like Jews because they associate higher incidences of these behaviors with this group. If the opposite was true of the above statements, then most of the frustrations expressed about Jews would disappear because whatever real prejudice existed would be, generally speaking, filtered out through the prism of consistent experiences.

There are many Jews who are good people, and this is a good thing. Likewise, there are many non-Jews who are not good, and even non-Jews who pretend to be Jews and forge stories in the name of Jews, and this is not a good thing. One must seek the good will of all people. However, in order to do this, one must be honest in ones life about the good, bad, and ugly. has been warning about the rise of militarism in Europe and around the world. It is of grave concern to us that as this is happening, there are a lot of Jews who are tied to many negative social movements on all sides of the political field. This is not good, and many people are aware of this, including an increasing bloc who believe in racially-based hatred of Jewish people in combination with pagan ideologies, which as Ted, Walid, and I have pointed out, are also supported by various Jewish thinkers.

During the years leading up to the Second World War, as we have clearly noted in the Shoebat Archives, there were many Jews supporting racism and eugenics, including the NSDAP. However, what happened is that the very trains that many of these same Jews wanted to put people on, they ended up getting themselves put in them. The same happened in the USSR, where many Jews who were involved in the October Revolution or Communist Party in murdering people ended up being executed by their own.

This is what we don’t want to happen. We want the good will of all people as well as their salvation, but in order to do this, we have to be honest about the past and present, and address real issues as they happen. Hiding them in the face of unmistakable evidence does nothing except to feed anger and eventually vengeance.

The increased talk about Jews and Jewish activity in society is an excellent opportunity to bring up the more negative issues in Jewish circles and to address them, not to say “look at how bad this group is, here is a new “leader” we need to support in politics to stop them”, but rather to bring healing and closure to ongoing issues so that they stop festering into something worse.

A lot of Jewish groups say they want to address “hatred”, and there is no problem with this. However, all hatred has roots, and until those roots are examined in their totality- something that is appears many of these groups do not want to do, as every story has two sides -then either hatred or “hatred” will become serious hatred and turn into something very dangerous.

Jesus says in the New Testament to “love thy neighbor”, and that is a very hard thing to do, and sometimes it means telling your neighbor some hard things, but if it is not done, it does not stop the problem.

And it is long overdue.

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