Are We Watching The ‘Cucking Of The Century’ Take Place Right Now?

Male-female relationships have been in an increasingly precarious situation for the last sixty years as the legal permissions given to women have resulted many times in the destruction of families, the murder of children, and the destruction of society at large. This is not to say that men do not do bad things, but that it is insane for any person to deny a connection in the relationship between the strong advances made in “women’s liberation” beginning in the 1960s (let alone the changes before that with the suffragette-type movements before) and the decline of family life in the west and wherever “western influence” penetrates.

Right now, there are various reports coming from mainstream media in the UK that Megan Markle is going to divorce Prince Harry, and is the reason why the Queen is said to have forced Harry and Megan out of the royal line of secession.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are allegedly getting a divorce and Prince William’s brother is not returning to the U.K. anytime soon.

According to a report, several publications in England have a headline that read, “Prince Harry Divorces Meghan Markle Will Continue to Postpone His Return to the Royal Family.” At present, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in Canada. They have been away from the royal family since November, but their vacation reportedly couldn’t bring them closer as a couple.

The report added that Queen Elizabeth II forced Markle and Prince Harry to sign a prenuptial contract before their royal wedding to make sure that everything would be as she wished to be in case their marriage doesn’t work. Fiona Shackleton, the highest paid divorce lawyer in the U.K., was reportedly present when the contract was signed.

In the event of Prince Harry and Markle’s separation, the duchess would not receive a jewelry of historical value. The money she could take would depend on the number of heirs he has.

New Idea also claimed that the couple has secretly split up. Royal insiders said that Prince Harry and Makrle’s relationship was under serious strain when they attended the WellChild Awards in London last Oct. 15. In fact, the Duchess of Sussex was spotted storming off on her husband who looked visibly stressed and upset. A source added that Prince Harry did everything to save their marriage.

Many are convinced that Prince Harry and Markle’s marriage is doomed. A royal fan wrote on Twitter that the two are either “close to or legally divorced” even before the split rumors were reported. (source)

Consider the case of Megan Markle. This woman, an American used-up actress with a history of sexual promiscuity and a middle-aged and approaching menopause divorcee who is physically not very attractive lands the deal of a lifetime, which is marrying a member of the British royal family. There is no greater “fairy tale” than this. This is what girls dream about. Harry could have had any woman in the world that he wanted, and he chose Megan of all people. The couple has been married scarcely three years, and Megan gets pregnant and has a kid. In addition, there are rumors that Megan has been unnaturally abusive towards royal staff as well as toward members of the royal family themselves.

Now there are reports that Megan is going back to Canada to file divorce papers, and with that to potentially take a large sum of Harry’s fortune, not to mention becoming “famous” for the rest of her life (if she does indeed get a divorce) for her associations with the Royal Family.

Regardless of one’s opinions about the Royal Family, if they are “good” or “bad”, the point is that as I have stated before, many women in the Western world take to the approach that Megan seems to be following. Get married to a man of means after living a promiscuous and questionable life, have a kid, then divorce and take as much of his money as possible for oneself before continuing about one’s own life living off of the wealth of another while indulging oneself.

This is a modern variant of “cuckery”, because instead of it being a man who raises children that he does not know are not his own (a major difference from adoption), this is a man who is “cucked” by being with a woman who gave the best years of her life (her prime beauty and fertility) to many different men for almost nothing, and then now that she is older and her looks and fertility are declining, tries to take a man of means for herself to pay for what she wants while offering him little no nothing of value in return. What such women are seeking many times is not husbands, as they are certainly not wife material in most cases, but rather are opportunistic leeches looking for a personal servant and janitor to cater to their fickle whims and mop up the soiled mess that they call their lives.

If it is true that Megan is divorcing Harry, it is arguably the “cuck of the century”, as it is highly embarrassing to the Royal Family at a time when their popularity in the UK is steadily in decline and there is warning that given the various political, social, demographic, and economic changes and situation, the Royal Family faces the possibility of being overthrown by the common people. This is not to promote revolution, but to recognize that there are many grievances among the people that are legitimate, that the Royal Family is not liked by many, and that revolutions can and do happen- one must remember that the French Monarchy existed since the time of Clovis, King of the Franks, and was violently overthrown by the Caballah-inspired occult Jacobin movement during the French Revolution, and likewise the Russian monarchy was overthrown violently during the disporportionately Jewish-led October Revolution.

The Royal Family has a lot of problems, but if Megan’s actions are shown to be as such, then it is a huge humiliation to the family as well as is indicative of how far this trend has spread. While the “commoners” have been forced to deal with many of these changes and the “royals” of society have generally been shielded from them, this would be proof that even as powerful as they are, their money and power cannot save them from the pervasive public corrosion that has affected marriage and family life.

Is there any wonder why men are not getting married? Why risk marriage if the risk of completely destroying one’s life is a near certain probability?

Megan may want to be careful, because people with lots of money and power and questionable morals are not shy from using that power to “get rid” of people who cause problems. Perhaps Megan will divorce, but she may also find herself in an unfortunate accident too. Just look what happened to Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.

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