New Year In India Gets Started With Hindu Persecution Of Christians

I have noted that the persecution of Christians in India is going to be a crucial trend to watch for the future, as it will likely act in proportion to the rise of nationalism in Europe due to the historical collusion between National Socialists in Europe and India.

There have already been multiple attacks reported on Christians in India, such as Christians being arrested for reading their Bibles near Hindu temples, and praying for healing, and a church demolished in southern India by Hindu terrorists. Now a church in northern India has been attacked and shut down by Hindu terrorists.

On Sunday, January 5, a mob of radical Hindu nationalists attacked and disrupted a house church in India’s Uttar Pradesh state. According to local reports, the mob disrupted the Sunday worship service and made threats against the pastor and other Christians participating in the service. As a result, local police closed down the church.

According to Pastor Veerendra Kumar, head pastor of Viswavani Church in Kalwanakara village, 15 members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini group attacked the worship service at around 12 noon. Approximately 40 Christians were in attendance when the mob attacked.

“They asked me to come out of the church and started to use abusive language,” Pastor Kumar told International Christian Concern (ICC). “They threatened me and said they would break my hands and legs if I continued to lead prayers.”

According to Pastor Kumar, the radicals went on to accuse him of forcefully converting poor Hindus to Christianity by alluring them with benefits and physical wellness. This false accusation is often used by radicals to harass Christian leaders in India.

As the radicals continued to harass Pastor Kumar, local police arrived on the scene. These officers told Pastor Kumar that he needed official permission to run the church and shut the church down.

In December 2019, Viswavani Church constructed a new building that was intended to be used for church activities. During the construction, Pastor Kumar was threatened multiple times and told not to conduct Christian prayers in Kalwanakara. (source)

The 2020 decade is going to be very difficult for Christians in India.

It is known that Indians living in the US have some of the highest incomes of all demographics. With that being said, I strongly recommend to Christian Indians in the US to save as much money as possible and help get as many friends and family members out of India while there is still time.

I do not want to say that Christians should not “stand and fight”, or that one should just run away from trouble, but the fact is that there is a time to fight and a time to retreat, even if only in a tactical way. Right now is a time for a strategic positioning because India has made very clear that she intends to commit genocide against the Christians in the name of racist Hindu nationalism. The Christians will be on their own and there is a strong change they will suffer severely and die.

People have talked about what they would do ‘if they knew’ that ‘Hitler would come to power’. Well, the reality is that the patterns of history do not change, and what Hitler was for Germany or Stalin for Russia is not limited by race or place, but by the disposition of the soul. In the case of India, the face of the new dictatorship is a man with light-brown skin wearing saffron robes covered in gold jewelry, imploring the masses of India to slaughter Christians for the glories of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, and to establish the reign of the false Hindu gods in India and at any cost.

I am not saying that President Modi of India is THE ‘new Hitler” for that nation, but that if not him (and it likely will not be him), than a man similar to him will eventually take control of power in India and start to fulfill the desires of Hindu nationalists. When this happens, it will be similar to those people who did not believe that Germany was a threat, and then on September 1st, 1939, the German army crossed the Polish border and began the Second World War. India’s form will be different, but regardless of the appearance, it will mean the needless death of tens of millions of Christians.

Make use of the time while it is available. Get out of India while there is still a chance, and help others to do the same, because the situation is not going to improve, and when it does turn to war, it will be too late.

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