Women Overtake Men As A Majority Of People In The Workforce

There are many changes affecting the workplace, but one of the very interesting ones is that women now have overtaken men as a majority of people in the American workforce.

Women held more U.S. jobs than men in December for the first time in nearly a decade, a development that likely reflects the future of the American workforce.

The share of women on payrolls, excluding farmworkers and the self-employed, exceeded the share of men in December for the first time since mid-2010, Labor Department data released Friday showed. Women held 50.04% of jobs last month, surpassing men on payrolls by 109,000.

“The [jobs] report strongly suggests that the labor market dynamics are tilting in the direction of women,” Joe Brusuelas, chief economist at RSM US, said in a note to clients. “We all often look for tangible evidence of change. It is now here in the data and can be used as a benchmark to measure equality and inequality in the labor force and the economy.”

The gap between men and women on payrolls had been narrowing over recent years, reflecting growth in services industries that employ higher numbers of women, such as health care.

“The sectors that are growing, like education and health care, are predominantly women’s employment,” said Ariane Hegewisch, program director of employment and earnings at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. “Looking at the 21st century, it is really amazing how profound some of the [sex] segregation is in the labor market.” (source)

I have observed, and it seems that others have made this observation as well, that the difference between men and women in the workforce is one of perspective on how to treat work. Normal men generally have looked at work throughout history as something that one does for a purpose that, while defining something of what he does, is not necessarily the main ‘thing’ that he does or is defined by, but is a set task for a period of time before rest. When the work is done, it is over until the next day. There is a clear distinction between work time and non-work time. For women, this distinction seems to be lacking. Work is an extension of everyday life that starts before going to work and continues after it.

Since women seek out (higher paying and easier) office jobs that lack physical labor or getting dirty, women do not seem generally to take advantage of the extra leisure time given to those in such jobs for the pursuit of a hobby or other activity that brings personal and communal benefit, but tend to spend it by spending the money they made at work on themselves in pursuit of a sort of self-realization. “Friendships” that are formed at work start with morning texts and communiques by Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other apps before work, they continue after work at dinners with co-workers or going out to places, and this can even extend to the weekend on days off. While going to work for a man means going to a place to get money so he can do what he wants to in his own context, for many women going to work means to get a new circle of friends whose presence and influence flows to all parts of life.

Men tend to see work as something task-oriented and extractive, but women see it as adoption into a “family”- a “family” that exists until one quits or is fired, at which point one is dropped like a hot potato out of the oven and left to roll in the dirt.

Thus when women, especially large numbers, go into the workforce, the unspoken mindset acts as a surrogate for family and childhood. Co-workers become family members, and the job becomes one’s child that the women must care for and defend at all costs, and she does this by ruthless “advancement” in her “career” to get the best positions for the most money, and to climb over other women towards the highest ranks of power, since just a male biology prioritizes youth and beauty in women, women prioritize money and power in men, except the man is substituted with the (male) high-ranking corporate manager or bosses and status positions. Just as men who are considered “low-status” in the dating world, especially today, can be ruthlessly shunned by women and ridiculed for no reason other than existing at a “rank” they do not want to be associated with, men in the corporate world who do not occupy the highest-paying positions are routinely abused by women in positions of corporate power and authority since they are perceived to be of “low value” even though they constitute the natural majority and backbone of the workforce that enables the company to function.

One can look up many times online how women being given power in management positions, be it in the “human resources” departments or as actual supervisors and managers are known for their incompetence and slavish obedience to irrational corporate directives as much as they are for cruelty towards men underneath their supervision that is not given to women in the same context. The only exception to this are men who are claimed to fit into various “protected classes”, such as as race and sodomite status. Thus a man who is a homosexual is given preference over other men immediately as well as protection from immediate retribution, and certainly protection over things that the average man would find himself in a “meeting” for doing.

It is not an exaggeration to say that to be a normal American male, especially if one is Christian and then white (in that order), is to put targets on oneself in most workplaces where a single mistake or dislike from another co-worker, especially from a woman, can result in one being fired immediately.

Work today in many sense has become like marriage, where it is a risky and unstable arrangement where more is demanded from men with little to no return on one’s efforts save for being allowed to do more for the exact same results as were generated before.

The doubling of the workforce with women has created the added problem of halving the salaries, making it very hard for families to afford even the simplest of needs. However, many of these same “career women” demand that a man have a job that pays as much or more than what she has.

Men have been dropping out of the workforce for a long time, and there have been increases in alcohol use, suicide rates, and depression from them. What is the point of going to work for a job that pays little to nothing when one can stay at home, play games and pursue hobbies, or perhaps work in a low-paying job doing something elsewhere that one enjoys, when attempting to seek a wife and a position in the corporate world leads to frustration, misery, poverty, poor health, and the hatred for life that they saw their parents develop as they pursued the same things and got the same results?

Women clamored that they wanted to be “equal” to men, and now many want to essentially “become” men with no respect for their own femininity or men, yet demand then that men be more “masculine”. One cannot have all of this because if men are not allowed to be men, how can women reasonably expect men to “act like men”? One cannot, and this again shows that largely, the female rational behind this drive is an irrational one for status and power, similar to a child screaming “I want that” and when the parent gives the child what he wants, to still be unsatisfied because he lacks the knowledge, impulse control, and ability to channel his energies into something productive, and so resorts to more screaming and demands.

Many Millennial and increasingly, Zoomer women are acting like this, although some of the Zoomers seem to have learned from the errors of the Millennials.

At this point, it is too late for many Millennial women, as they have traded their beauty and fertility for power and money over and to the detriment of men, and will find themselves in their aging years alone, miserable, without heirs, and possibly attempting to commit suicide or to whore themselves out to men at low prices or for nothing in a miserable attempt to use sex to try and fail to fill the void within their souls that they created by their own selfish pursuits.

Yet one cannot blame them fully, for if one assumes that they are not “knowledgeable” as men are but are more like children, then their parents, especially their fathers and other male figures, are guilty for allowing them to indulge their worst tendencies and suffer needlessly as well as others. If that is the case, then truly they are victims of feminism. But one cannot have it both ways. Either they are in equal competency with men and deserve no mercy but whatever happens to them, or they lack competency and thus are victims but in order to rectify this, need to have many of the “rights”, permissions, and preferences given to them modified, altered, or rescinded for the good of society. They cannot have both.

This is what women do not want to face. They want to “have their cake and eat it too” while blaming others for the calories incurred. The reality is that while ultimately men are responsible for allowing this situation to get created, it is up to the current generations to do as much as they can to fix it, and until the power is either taken away from these women or they are allowed to keep their power to their own destruction in order to cause essentially a social collapse from which one can try to rebuild what is left of society for the future, and certainly removing their current “claims” on the workforce and political power, women will continue to increase in the workforce and make it a worse and worse place for men as well as run companies into the ground and allow others to take their place.

It is time to stop blaming men for not simply “manning up”, but to acknowledge that women have an equal and now, officially greater role in the current workforce conditions. Either they make the sacrifices they have to an allow for society to naturally heal itself, or continue in the current paradigm and suffer unto death, as the society is is dying from this. In both cases, men have responsibilities, but it is not their responsibility to suffer continual fear, neglect, abuse, threats, retribution, and cruelty to the point that they hate their own lives and other people, suffering long-term psychological and physical damage with no thanks for their efforts.

It is no longer a “man’s world”, but a “woman’s world”, and the world is suffering for it, and even as the women are in charge as they wanted and said they could do better than men, many are still looking for a man to blame or bail them out of their own mess.

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