Sodomite Woman Dresses Up Like A Boy To Seduce, Sexually Assault Teenage Girls

Sodomites are often though of as men, but they also include women. St. Paul notes this in Romans 1:26, where he says that “women exchanged natural intercourse for unnatural”. Women can be just as evil as men, but it just is not thought of often that way, yet such was clearly evidenced by a recent report in which a female sodomite dressed up as a teen boy in order to meet teen girls to sexually assault them.

Jake Waton won over teenage girls on social media, swapping flirty messages and intimate pictures with them online before meeting them in person. For many of them, the 16-year-old was the first boy they dated.

But Jake Waton was actually Gemma Watts – an adult woman. The British 21-year-old posed as a teen boy to groom and sexually assault girls as young as 13, wearing baggy clothing and tucking her long hair under a hat to fool her targets and, in some cases, even their parents.

On Friday, London’s Metropolitan Police announced that Watts had been sentenced to eight years behind bars for incidents involving four girls. She pleaded guilty to seven sexual assault and grooming charges in a crime that Judge Susan Evans said caused “severe psychological harm” to victims.

“Their age, as you plainly knew, made it more likely that they would be sexually naive, enabling you to get away with your deception,” Evans said during sentencing, according to the Independent.

In what police described as “a bizarre and elaborate web of deception,” Watts created profiles for “Jake Waton” on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms. She shared skateboarding videos, used teenage slang and claimed to work as a cashier at Hollister, a clothing store popular among teens. In photos, she gazed out from beneath a baseball cap or hoodie.

Posing as Waton, Watts liked photos shared by teenage girls and struck up relationships with them, calling them “babe” and other pet names in messages. She built their trust online and through phone calls, police said, before arranging to meet. She traveled across the U.K. to see them.

Authorities said they began investigating in April 2018, after a 14-year-old girl reported being sexually assaulted by her boyfriend, whom she identified as Jake Waton. Police discovered Watts’ true identity and two additional victims, both under 18. (source)

One of the most frustrating things to deal with involving sodomites is that people cannot or do not want to connect cause and effect.

While abuse is common to all groups of people, the fact is that a measurable, observable, and documented by many years of academic study, police work, private studies, and public testimony that sodomites cannot be separated from child abuse. The theories as to why they act this way (in addition to the obvious sinful nature of the act and the rejection or choosing to accept sin) are many, but there seems to be a connection between sexual abuse as a child and inclinations to deviant sexual behaviors in adulthood. Pornography has been connected to this because while sexual abuse can be physical, it can also be mental and cause problems that result in males choosing to accept ‘female’ traits as something normal.

Nevertheless, this does not mean to say that if these- sodomites -are at some level ‘wounded’ people, that they should just be accepted, for one does not care for the diseased by exposing them to the healthy, but rather by quarantining the problem. Sodomite behavior can spread and it needs to be stopped because it is sin, it causes social ills, spreads sicknesses, and is very destructive.

There are many questions about how this woman was able to get so close to these girls, and they need to be answered from parents because they are the first line of defense against this sort of abuse. Given that it took place in the UK, and how it is arguable that UK has a history of below-average parenting, this should not be considered a surprise.

Years ago, it was possible to avoid discussing the sodomite question with children and teenagers, but because of the proliferation of pornography and the social changes that have transpired, this is no longer possible to hide. It is open in society, and parents who care have to talk to their kids about these things and to bring up, in an age-appropriate means, the things that sodomites do and the consequences of their behaviors for them to see because it is not as question of if, but when and under what context they are exposed to the sodomite agenda. It does not matter where one is- the fact is that this stuff is everywhere and it is not possible to avoid.

This is not something is the responsibility of the ‘schools’ or ‘society’, for while it is good to have social support systems, the fact is that the support systems today are a part of the problem, and it was the blind trust in them that helped to create the current situation. Parents as individuals needs to take responsibility for their children and do this work because nobody else can be expected or assumed that they will do it. In fact, one should assume that anybody who speaks about sodomite behavior to your children, unless clearly noted otherwise for specific reasons and in specific contexts, is looking to make one’s own children into fellow sodomites by attacking and infecting them with sodomite propaganda and possibly physical abuse.

There is no room for assumption or lax attitudes anymore, because one must assume that the worst can and will happen. Recent as well as past history shows this to be true.

This is a trend that is going to continue for the foreseeable future because the support of sodom is not diminishing, but is consolidating and will likely result in long-term political changes in society that result in the legal persecution of Christians for opposing sodom. If America is in trouble as a “gay disco” right now, what is she going to look like, when one combines this with the philosophies of the neo-masculinist movement, a new Sparta but with technology?

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