Sonoma County Proposes Evicting Renters And Giving Their Homes To Homeless People

Governments are known to propose various plans, but a recent plan has many people in Sonoma County, California upset as a plan to get homeless people off of the street may result in taking apartments away from those who have them, thus making them homeless according to a report.

A controversial plan to solve the homeless crisis has people fired up in Sonoma County where officials plan to spend millions of dollars to buy three properties that would be used to house the homeless.

All three properties have one thing in common. They’re big and have multiple units, but many of those units are currently occupied by tenants.

“I’m sure the tenants have been asked to leave,” said Allen Thomas. He lives near one of the three properties, 811 Davis Street in Santa Rosa.

Neighbors said it’s counterproductive to evict renters to house the homeless.

“It’s just insanity,” said Karen Sanders, who also lives in Santa Rosa.

Sonoma County leaders plan to buy two properties in Santa Rosa and one in Cotati. They’ll spend roughly one million dollars for each property. One county worker said they’re already in contract to buy the property on Davis Street.

“Million dollar homes; million dollar homes for these transients living on the trail,” said Sanders.

The county wants to get the homeless out of an encampment on the Joe Rodota Trail. Many neighbors of those three properties worry the new neighbors will bring along crime and other quality of life issues.

“I’m not NIMBY, but we’ve done enough,” said Sher Ennis, a neighbor who lives near the Davis street property.

She said she was attacked in her home by a man from a re-entry housing program years ago. She worries about her safety.

“We don’t know. Are we getting dangerous criminals? Are we getting felons? Or are we getting people who are simply down on their luck,” said Ennis. (source)

This technique has been seen and discussed before, especially in Europe with the refugee crisis, where there have been consistent reports from places such as Italy and Sweden of the practice taking place.

The matter here is not one of whether or not the European reports are true, but that the very talk of using political force to make people with homes homeless so that some homeless can have a home- or foreigners in the case of Europe -has the distinct feel of a strategy of tension.

Is this the case for sure? We do not know. However, it is known that criminal, immigrant, and impoverished populations have been used for social manipulation of people by pitting them against “normal citizens” in various contexts. In the case of Europe, it was the “migrant crisis” and the legal enabling of criminal activity in order to foment nationalist sentiments. In the case of the US, she has a long history of eugenics that target migrants from all countries- in the past it was Italians, Poles, Irish, and Chinese but today has shifted to Hispanics of all nations, Arabs, and Africans -as well as promoting outright eugenics against poor people, especially those from rural and impoverished white areas (such as Appalachia) or black areas (such as the deep south).

The current Census is coming up, and given that the Census draws on data from people of many diverse backgrounds and provides detailed information about them, there is a possibility that such data in combination with political tendencies will be used to bring about a new round of social manipulation that may, like Germany, be used to bring in a revival of eugenics and national sentiments even more so than what is already taking place.

America is more divided that she has ever been at the current time in history, when massive demographic shifts are taking place. It is likely that Trump will win in 2020, but without changing the fundamental plans, this will set the political atmosphere for a potentially massive Democrat revival in 2024, which will likely be fashioned after the models that Trump has set but in a “left” wing political context that with the right “triggers” could be used to create a political crisis in order to cause a new political order. In any society, it is always the same groups that are used to realize this goal- foreigners, the very weak, and the social outcasts -because they are viewed as expendable if the plan fails, and because such people are open to new ideas since they do not have a long-term personal investment and often times do not understand the social nuances in a society.

We are going into very dangerous political times, and given the power that America wields over the world, as things move towards a major conflict, it is likely that the US will not be spared what comes in the future.

Thus watch the small signs, as they are indicators of things to come.

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