Highly Suspicious New Video Shows The Two Missiles Hitting The Ukrainian Plane In Iran

A new video has been released with claims to show the missiles hitting the Ukrainians plane that caused the crash in Iran that has brought about so much geopolitical tension between the US and Iran.

A new video shows that two missiles struck Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, which crashed shortly after taking off from the airport in Tehran early last Wednesday.

The video appears to be from a security camera on the roof of a building near where the plane was struck. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube by an Iranian user early on Tuesday, was verified as authentic by a New York Times investigative team. (source)

This video is very strange.

Assuming that this video is true (as it is still unconfirmed), does it not seem strange that it was positioned in such a way as to almost perfectly capture all of the details that happened?

Now certainly that is possible, as are many things, but it does seem odd that it was in the seemingly perfect place at the perfect time for the perfect geopolitical storm between the US and Iran, at a time of political instability, the pending election year of an American president, and of a nation (Ukraine) that is directly tied to the tensions between the US and Russia that could lead to a Third World War in the future.

Note how from the perspective of the user, there is no reaction from that person. No “woa”, “oh no”, or “aaah”, just veritable silence. It was almost as though the viewer was indifferent, or that perhaps he expected this to happen.

Likewise, who filmed this? That is another question which we need to have answered.

Finally, and the biggest question, why is this video dated October 17th, 2019? While it is true that the dates on videos are often not set, this seems highly suspicious.

Is it not surprising two how the missiles were fired in such succession, there being two? One missile, while doubtful, is certainly possible to be an accident, but two missiles, with a delay such as this, very much seems intentional. If this were a court of law, they would say that the two missiles had to have been on purpose, especially with the delay in firing.

This incident is very sad, and it should make all question the entire Iran-US narrative, especially in light of the history of the Iran-Contra incident during the Reagan years.

Iran, “accidentally” or intentionally, may have shot down the plane, but the US response to this is also questionable because we know of her intentions, and given all the talk of war with that nation but the leaked reports of calls between the US and Iran allowing for mutual strikes on each other with the knowledge of both under conditions of no serious losses of life for either side, and how Soleimani was not liked at all and is now being ‘blamed’ for all kinds of terrorism when two weeks ago nobody knew who he one, one must ask questions about what is really happening.

The biggest victims here are the innocent people on that airplane. It was not their choice to become what appears to be victims of a game of geopolitical chess played by people who have no care for human life. Such it often is, where the innocent are either used or abused by others for sinister ends and without any care as to the consequences of their actions.

These are the same “war pigs” that Black Sabbath sang about in their song on the military-industrial complex, and which is still today bringing war and destruction to the entire world and if things continue will likely cause the conditions for a third global conflict.


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