Three Christian Teachers Murdered By Islamic Terrorists In Kenya, And Possible Implications For Kenya

It has just been confirmed that three Christian teachers were murdered by Islamic terrorists in Kenya associated with Al-Shabaab.

International Christian Concern has learned that three Christian teachers from Kamuthe Primary School in Garissa, Kenya, were killed by the Somali-based terror group al-Shabaab in the early hours of January 13, 2020. The armed militants ambushed Kamuthe village around 2:00 a.m., targeting the school’s resource center that hosted the teachers. Prior to the ambush, the attackers destroyed a telecommunication tool in an effort to paralyze communication as they carried out their heinous attack.

Mr. Robert Kibutu, a teacher who resides outside of the school’s residential area, confirmed the attack, saying, “My fellow teachers were fatally shot by an unknown number of suspected al-Shabaab militia who stormed Kamuthe primary school early this morning and leaving one severely injured by two gunshots. We are sad and at the same time scared because we are targeted for being non-local government workers that belong to the Christian faith.”

Those killed were Caleb Mutua, Titus Ushindi, and Samuel Muthui Kyonzu. Joshua Mutua survived with serious leg injuries.

According to the region’s security head, “One local teacher was taken away by the militants and a non-local female nurse [was] spared due to [her] gender.” (source)

This comes at a time when a US military base was attacked also in Kenya, which knowing that terrorism is a vehicle of policy which the Western world has employed with deadly precision, that something may be going on here more than just Muslims attacking people.

We know for a fact that Russia has re-entered the contemporary ‘scramble for Africa’, as conditions are being prepared for a major war between the Western powers. Kenya is a center for East Africa’s trade, business, security, and political interests, and while she has a smaller population than Ethiopia, her location makes her an important crossing ground within Africa. During the 19th century, the British and the Russians fought viciously over control of Kenya, and during the Soviet period, the Russians delivered military goods as well as supported Communist interests while the Americans and NATO opposed them.

Foreign Policy magazine notes that Russia’s return to Africa is based on the old Soviet “Maximum-minimum” strategy, where just like how US isolation gives her an advantage over other nations, that Africa’s isolation from Russia and the American need for African resources allows Russia to play her own tricks just as how the Americans do. Her proximity to the Sahel region access by way of Southern Sudan and is influenced by the French, as well as the historically German-and-British influenced Tanzania, Russia is able to extend her influence into the Indian Ocean as well as works towards the critical gas-and-mineral hub of Mozambique.

The terrorist attack that happened in Kenya is very sad and not good. However, the fact is that whenever terrorist activity appears, one needs not only to look at the obvious Islamic nature of the acts, but how else these acts could fit into something that is a lot greater. While it is not good what the Western powers and the US are doing, the Russians are also not good in their intentions, they are working as hard as they can, and they also have martial intentions as they have had in the past.

It will be interesting to see if more attacks happen, and what sort of ‘terrorist’ activity takes place, as well as what will be the response from Russia and her invitations, for Russia is known to signal her actions by way of inviting persons from Africa or other nations to Moscow for a ‘meeting’ with Putin or other major Russia oligarchs (as they are all one tight circle). It will also be interesting to see what American or possibly, French and German influence in that region manifests as, and what the implications of this will be.

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