New Coronavirus Threatens China As Turkish Fighters Rush Into Libya And Americans Struggle With The Realities Of Modern Living

In China, as hundreds of people have been infected with a new coronavirus and thousands more beds prepared in anticipation of housing the sick, at least six people have died. The death toll is expected to increase. (source)

Thousands of people flooded the streets as the nation of France has taken another step along the way towards legalizing “reproductive technology” access for sodomites, enabling them to “reproduce”. The law, which has been a source of controversy and is being aggressively pushed by Socialists, has been questioned over the access of information and the potential legal status of “donors” as well as potentially legalizing the issue of surrogate parenting. (source)

A Virginia Democrat delegate taunted his constituents in a fantasy scenario where the US Military crushes the average citizen with superior firepower. As the tweet read, “.The muskets of our founding fathers also did not contain 30-bullet magazines. And if you think your AR-15 will do diddly against the full might and power of the United States military, you need to talk to someone who has served there.” (source)

The Supreme Court has taken the case of a Christian school in Boston, in what could be a landmark Supreme Court case testing the constitutionality of state laws that exclude religious organizations from government funding available to others based on whether a scholarship fund supported by tax-deductible donations. (source)

Americans often complain about how they are tired and don’t have enough time to sleep, and according to a recent study that is true, as the average American get less than six hours of sleep a night, something that is universally considered to be unhealthy and can lead to stress, illness, and decreased productivity. (source)

Refugees around the world are often blamed for social problems, but could the problem really be in the nations themselves? That question, which has asked and answered many times, reared its head again as the state of Idaho is struggling with an influx of refugees- native-born Americans from California -who are raising prices, destroying the local economy, clogging up roads, and bringing behaviors that are making the locals regret having them come and wanting to leave. (source)

One morning in April 2018, the Trump administration incinerated $92 million dollars on sixty-six Tomahawk rockets fired into Syria. In that same year, the US government spent about $68 billion on food stamps, known as SNAP. Expanded out at the same rate to the whole population, the government could feed the entire US in 2018 for about $557 billion, or less than half of what the US spends officially on war and militarism each year. It is ironic then how the Trump administration is passing rules, and for which states are suing the Trump administration, for threatening to shut off almost three-quarters of a million low income people from food access. (source)

A major Christian organization that received its start smuggling Bibles into the former USSR, Open Doors, has said that China’s model for a surveillance state with advanced technology being used to monitor all people at all times is, as has noted, a potential model for a future tyranny that could be used to suppress Christians. (source)

The geopolitical and intelligence analyst group Southfront has announced that Turkish rebel fighters are moving now into Libya amid “peace talks” between Germany, Russia, and Turkey. Given that Libya was once under the reign of the Ottoman Empire, how Muammar Gaddhafi was murdered in order to bring about a refugee crisis with the direct assistance of the US, they will be a nation to watch as the prospect for violence increases. (source)

The east Asian paper tiger and geopolitical playing card North Korea, complete with a starving population and million-strong but feckless and starving army who enlists in order to insure a daily meal ration, has had supreme leader Kim Jong-Un announce that she will ‘not be bound’ by a non-nuclear test pledge. It would seem threatening, but given North Korea’s failure or inability to successfully execute a test of weapons, as well as her closeness to the US and US business interests (such as Donald Rumsfeld, which you can read about in the Shoebat archives), it is likely these are more strong words and less action from the nation. (source)

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