Major Retired US Intel Officer Forsees War With China, India Upholds Pro-Nationalist Immigration Law, And Fear Over Disease Spreads With Reports Of Coronavirus Deaths

When Jeb Bush was running for the Republican nomination in 2016, a sure sign of his absolute, impending failure as a potential candidate was when he famously asked people to “Please clap” after making a point. Pete Buttigieg, the infamous and openly sodomite candidate from Indiana has recently had his own Particularly “Jeb moment” after he asked a silent Iowa political crowd to “please clap” after he made a point. (source) The Democrat political nomination is anybody’s guess, and it really does not matter since the 2020 election is likely being set up in Trump’s favor, but it is likely the Democratic nominee will not be Pete Buttigieg.

I noted yesterday how Trump was attempting to cut monies used to feed poor people in fourteen states, and that for less than half of the official cost of the Defense Department’s budget, the government could provided food for every person. Noting this, it is interesting to get a sense of the unofficial budget of the Pentagon, which this year alone has made $35 trillion dollars worth of accounting adjustments, a staggering figure to consider given how many ‘black bag’ operation the US military operates.

Chinese coronovirus that has spread rapidly around China and infecting thousands has now reached Japan and Mexico, Korea, and the US. One Japanese shopkeeper hung up a sign saying “no Chinese allowed” due to the virus. India has denied so far any cases of this, but unofficial reports on Twitter and online message boards indicate it already has come and is awaiting for the official of the situation by the government.

The pork fever epidemic that killed over one-quarter of the world’s pork population in 2018 was found to survive in the meat of pigs themselves, sometimes even if the meat was cooked, prompting fears it could easily spread to other regions. Corruption in the pork market allowed Chinese gangs to smuggle and sell infected meat on the black market for high profit margins, and so what is clean and what is not is no longer sure. What is sure is that government around the world, especially those in Western Europe which along with the US make up over 80% of pork exports, have been working on quarantining the problem, especially in Italy after a 9.5 ton shipment of Chinese pork was seized in order to control the spread of the disease.

As the worldwide pork fever contest incites nation an concern about disease spreads, the US and Russia are continuing to fight over control of Middle Eastern oil supplies. For the Americans, it is about securing supplies for themselves while for the Russians, given that they have the largest oil supplies in the world, it is about attempting to cut off access from the Americans in their programs against the US. Hence it is of great interest to see US forces in Syria getting into a standoff with Russian troops and rebuffing them attempting to beat the Americans to capture a Syrian oil field.

For years in right-wing forums, there was a meme about the dangers of soy and soybean oil, that it would be extremely detrimental to a man’s health. While the dangers of overconsumption of anything, and how there have been concerns raised about the effects of soy products raised by scientific studies in years past, a new study from the University of California – Riverside and was published in the Endocrinology journal found that soybean oil can precipitate not only obesity and diabetes, but also neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, and autism. has been watching the gender-based issues between men and women among the Millennial and Zoomer generations. As Millennial women have aged and valued careers and various ideological positions over motherhood, family, marriage, and children, we have predicted that many will enter into a crisis and perhaps begin to harm themselves. This trend is going to be for the long-term future and one already is witnessing signs of it now, such as how some women are concerned about how men won’t date “woke women”, and instead are going with younger and more ‘traditional’ ones, or rather for the man’s view, with a more functional personality and normal.

The violence between the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram in Nigeria and the greater Sahel region has continued after the terrorist group abducted and made a ransom video of a Christian pastor, who refused to apostatize to Islam and said that he was prepared to die for Christ, and was beheaded for his faith.

But if one was concerned about war, one does not need to look any further than the US and China, which according to former US Pacific Fleet Intelligence Chief James Fannell, the chances of a war between the first and third most powerful militaries in the world is ‘very high’.

Likewise, one should also keep a close eye on India, which has been using racist tactics in order to promote nationalism and advance the cause of Hindu terrorists in groups such as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bajrang Dal. Since they appear to be modeling themselves after the American anti-immigration movement, they are using migration and citizenship to hide their eugenic aims, first by targeting Muslims as they are the largest minority and if they are able to be controlled, the Christians will easily fall. Thus it is of interest that the Supreme Court of India has declared that the new “citizenship law”, which Muslims has claimed would be discriminatory and would give power to the nationalists has been upheld by the courts.

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