Eight Missiles Were Fired Towards The US Embassy In Iraq. One Of The Missiles Landed Inside The Dining Hall

By Theodore Shoebat

A recent report has stated that eight missiles were fired towards the US embassy in Iraq and that one of them landed inside the dining hall. As we read in al-Hurra:

CNN reported, quoting a US official, that one of the Katyusha

 rockets that were fired Sunday at the Green Zone in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, fell on the dining hall in the US embassy complex.

The Washington Examiner newspaper quoted Pentagon officials as saying that three Katyusha rockets landed inside the embassy compound, while about five other missiles fell in its vicinity. Quoting the officials, she added that the missile injured several people.

The Iraqi Security Media Cell announced earlier on Sunday that three Katyusha rockets landed in the Green Zone without causing any losses or damages.

The US official told “CNN” that there were reports of damage, but it was minor.