Half Of All Americans Want To See Trump Convicted And Removed

President Trump has many supporters, and it is likely that he will win the electoral college in 2020. However, it is almost guaranteed that he will lose the popular vote, and likely by a larger margin because of demographic changes including but not limited to the natural deaths of the Boomer generation and the increased liberalism of the Millennial and Zoomer generations, as the change is largely being driven by domestic affairs largely unrelated to migration. It is of interest then that according to a recent poll, half of Americans want to see Trump convicted and removed while only 44 percent do not want to see this happen.

Half of Americans say that the Senate should vote to convict and remove President Trump from office, according to a new Fox News poll.

The survey, which was released on Sunday and conducted as the Senate impeachment trial began in earnest, found that 50 percent of Americans think that the Senate should vote to convict and remove Trump while 44 percent say the upper chamber should not vote to remove the president. (source)

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