In Spite Of Worsening Conditions, Polls Show High Confidence In The Economy

Some say that the ground falls out from under one’s feet if a man should become too confident of his situation. This is a great concern amid issues with debt, credit, employment, and overall a numerically-speaking significant worsening of economic conditions. Having noted this, it is interesting to compare this against the current American perception of the economy, which is at its highest rankings since 2001, just six years before the economic crisis of 2007 that has yet to end.

And yet as his impeachment trial begins, Trump’s job approval holds steady, while half say the Senate should remove him from office.

The poll, released Sunday, finds 55 percent give the economy positive ratings (excellent or good). It’s been 19 years since this many felt as positively (59 percent in January 2001).

In addition, a new high of 20 percent say the economy is in “excellent” shape, up from 14 percent in October 2019. It was 3 percent “excellent” in the final month of the Obama administration (December 2016).

Moreover, the bulk of voters credit Trump for the economy. When asked to say who or what they think is most responsible for the current economy, without the aid of a list, the top answer is Trump and Republicans (42 percent). Next, mentioned by far fewer, is former President Obama and Democrats (9 percent) and big business (7 percent). (source)

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