Maryland Revives Efforts To Help People Kill Themselves

Eugenics takes many forms, but all of it leads to the destruction of human life instead of its preservation from natural beginnings until one’s natural death. Many states have been trying to promote euthanasia, which is nothing more than the elderly version of abortion. The state of Maryland may become the next one to do this as politicians are seeking to legalize the barbaric practice.

Lawmakers in Maryland are again seeking to introduce a bill to legalize assisted suicide, after similar efforts have failed four years in a row. The legislation has drawn strong opposition from critics who argue it fails to uphold human dignity and will put the lives of the vulnerable at risk.

Despite being heavily amended in 2019, the assisted suicide bill failed by one vote to pass in the Senate, marking the closest the legislative effort has come to passing in the state.

However, advocates of the bill believe changes in the legislative body may be enough to approve the legislation this time around. Delegate Shane M. Pendergrass (D-Howard), lead House sponsor of the bill, says the effort has 53 co-sponsors in the House and 17 in the Senate.

Senator Jeff Waldstreicher (D-Montgomery), the lead Senate sponsor of the bill this year, is planning to work to sway lawmakers who may be unsure about their vote on the issue, the Washington Post reports. (source)

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