Hundreds Of Animals Drop Dead In China After Being Poisoned From COVID-19 Disinfectant

China has been trying to contain the COVID-19 virus, albeit poorly. One of the tactics has involved the mass spraying of public areas with chemicals. In true Chinese fashion, nobody knows what chemicals are being used or what the effects of those chemicals could be. Likewise, the chemicals are being sprayed everywhere, without regard to the impact it may have on people or animals.

According to Chinese media and reports, hundreds of animals have died from the sprayings. The numbers are expected to rise.

Over the last month, videos of people in full hazmat suits with giant tanks of chemicals strapped on their backs walking around public areas and spraying giant clouds of chemicals have become common.

What’s inside the tanks? Well, nobody’s really sure. But CNBC’s Eunice Yoon noted recently that everywhere she goes in Beijing, she smells bleach and disinfectant.

The only thing is, the virus has still managed to spread via many other methods (including potentially through sewer systems, as researchers revealed on Saturday that they had isolated a strain of the virus from an infected patient’s urine). And in the mean time, the government is exposing the public to massive quantities of potentially dangerous chemicals.

State-run media reported at least 135 animals were found dead in one discovery near the city of Chongqing.

At least 17 species were found to have died – including wild boar, weasels, and a number of birds. (source)

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