Newborn Baby Cured Of COVID-19 Coronavirus In China

The COVID-19 Coronavirus is truly a pandemic, but people should also keep calm about the nature of the virus and its claims, for in times of chaos, truth is more necessary than ever, and perception can either worsen or improve a situation.

It has already been shown that HIV antiviral medications can stop COVID-19. Likewise, most of the people who have died appear to be elderly persons, which is consistent with most disease pandemics. The other group that is highly affected are newborn babies, but in a story that should bring some hope to people, a newborn baby in China whose mother had the virus is now being reported as cured according to the New Zealand Herald.

Doctors in China have announced that a 17-day-old baby who tested positive for the coronavirus at birth earlier this month has been cured.

The state-controlled newspaper People’s Daily reported that the baby girl, named Xiaoxiao, was rushed to the neonatal unit at Wuhan Children’s Hospital just hours after being born on February 5.

Her mother had already tested positive to the disease, now called COVID-19, just prior to the birth and was suffering a severe chest infection. (source)

In fairness, any information that comes out of China should not be completely trusted because the CCP has a history of lying. However, this story appears as though it may be credible.

The COVID-19 outbreak is serious, but what may be more dangerous than the virus is the reaction of the people.

Prepare and be wise, but also do not over-react. Rather, the crisis should be taken as an opportunity to prepare for the future and to help one think through the consequences of one’s actions in difficult times. For those who are good with money and want to invest, it may be a time to invest strategically in certain businesses that would likely benefit from the outbreak, which I believe (in my opinion) are the plastics industry and biomedical industry, since they both would make products (in the US) that are used to stop the virus.

It is also too interesting that the virus outbreak happens at a time when it could jam up US production of goods around election in what is shaping up to be a “patriots vs. communists” setup, and given the need for manufacturing in the US to compensate for China, could be used as a justification to help get factories up and running in the Midwest (even if it is only temporarily) that would be attributed to Trump as a political victory and help him get the votes he needs to win important states such as Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The virus will likely be very beneficial to certain Wall Street investors, major companies, and politicians. It will be a loss to small stockholders, smaller businesses, and those who are unable to see through the potential and future consequences of this virus.

Be prepared so as that you are not caught unaware when the consequences come.

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