Louisville Holds Major Conference On Artificial Intelligence And The Workplace

Artificial Intelligence is going to be a major defining trend for the future that will work in union with advanced robotics to reshape the labor market and cause massive changes, perhaps greater than those which the advent of mass manufacturing and the Internet did in their respective times.

These sentiments were likewise echoed by participants for a major conference on artificial intelligence and the workplace sponsored by major corporations in Louisville, where they said that the future of the labor market was in the hands of AI.

“The implications of this technology are massive because it will eventually be the technology, and it is not going away,” Peabody said. With co-workers, he will demonstrate the firm’s work at a tech showcase during the event at the downtown Kentucky International Convention Center.

Local experts delving into AI say the technology is evolving quickly, but most of it involves crunching huge chunks of data — for instance, health care metrics on fragile patients who are released from hospitals.

It’s used to make predictions about problems a patient will encounter and to help doctors and providers identify more proactive ways to get an ill person back to better health. (source)

I continue to press on this trend because not so much for those who are already in the work place, but for those who have children to see the coming future and get ready for it.

The future belongs to those who are not only ambitious, but prepared and ready to make the right decisions at the appropriate time. The rise of AI is not going to be stopped because all governments are doing it in all countries for the same reasons. As principled and good as it is to appreciate and oppose the negative effects of it, we cannot avoid this from coming. It is similar to a cartoon where a giant ball is about to hit a character, and he cannot move but and so stands waiting to inevitably be hit by it.

However, this is real life, and while one cannot avoid it, one can decide how one responds to this giant “ball” that is heading down a hill at faster speeds. It cannot be stopped, but energy in motion can be directed towards a positive end. Man has the choice to either be crushed, or rather to move that energy so while it affect him, maybe it can generate something, like into a “track” so it can power a machine or produce electricity.

For those who have children, as they will be the ones most affected by the changes, the best advice one can give is to learn AI and how to best manipulate it for one’s context, whatever that is. One does not have to become an engineer per se, but if one loves fire trucks, to learn how to build and use AI for firefighting. If one loves trucks, how to maintain AI systems on a truck or maybe even build them. For a janitor, how to use AI to help do a better job at cleaning and maintain the systems.

This is a learning process that needs to start now because human labor as we know it is likely going to disappear, and if the pattern continues as it is, could result in the worst employment crisis in human history, since the machines will be used to force people out of work and thus create massive poverty.

You cannot stop AI- no man can because this is greater than any one man. However, you do have a choice as to how you respond to it, and if you respond now, you can make good choices that will not bear fruits now, but long term in the future and for the great many people.

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