Russia Bans Domestic Purchase Of Gold

Many laud Russia as a bastion of “normalcy” against the degeneracy of the West. However, I have pointed out that this is not the case, as Russia has many problems that are largely self-inflicted and are destroying her from within and not even needing the direct help of Western powers. In an interesting statement from the Russian Central Bank reported by Zero Hedge, the government has banned the sale of gold to citizens.

“Since April 1, 2020, the Bank of Russia has suspended the purchase of gold in the domestic precious metals market.

Further decisions on the purchase of gold will be made depending on the development of the situation in the financial market…” Russia’s central bank said. (source, source)

Why would Russia do this if she was, as many believe, trying to help make Russia into a powerful nation?

To understand this, remember that Putin fundamentally does not care about his people. has covered this extensively, and you can read in the Shoebat archives about Putin’s reverence for Stalin, his close ties to the urine-drinking sodomite demon worshiper pretending to be a “Russian old believer” named Yegveniy Golovin, and the fact that Putin and his cabal have stolen countless billions from Russia to the point that the nation is crumbling from within and has no economy save for the sale of raw materials such as crude oil and unprocessed timber.

In the words of a convert to the Catholic Faith who is now a priest and comes from Russia who I interviewed for, ‘human life in Russia is not valued’, and this also pertain to economic matters. There is no doubt that Putin will continue to expand his gold supplies as well as that of his friends, but that the common man cannot have access means that he is restricted from transferring his assets into tangible things that can preserve value, thus preventing him from accumulating and preserving his wealth amid economic changes. It is a way of forcing and perpetuating the already serious impoverishment that exists among the Russian people and if not driving people to suicide or other forms of self abusing behavior, is why many Russians tend to have nihilistic views and so many desire to flee Russia and not return.

You are not seeing the “revival” of Russia, but rather the transition of Russia to a contemporary variant of the Soviet Union. She is not abandoning her recent past, but rather returning to it with the outfits of modern technology and yet the same philosophical vigor as the last century which damaged her so badly and from which she still has not recovered and if conditions continue as they are, could result in her decline to the point of breakup into several states from Europe to Alaska.

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