Archive | April 5, 2020

While The Whole World Focuses On Covid-19, Another World War Is Brewing As We Speak

By Theodore Shoebat While the focus of the whole world has been covid-19, there has been another geopolitical occurrence taking place under the viral headlines, and that is the Russian effort to make east Ukraine into a Russian satellite,a subject on which we have written extensively on (also click here to read more). For example, […]

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Three Hasidic Jewish Teenagers In New York Attack Innocent Muslim Fireman, One Sneezes In His Face To Make Him Sick With COVID-19

If three Muslims walked into a Jewish man’s face asked him if he was afraid of COVID-19, and then chased him down and coughed on him to infect him with the disease, would this not be considered terrorism? It certainly would, and properly so. However, what is different about this if the context is reversed […]

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How Money Is The Root Of Many Evils

(Shoebat Sunday Special) The response of governments around the world to the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in the shuttering of economies and the shattering of business and long-standing trade agreements as well as monetary policy. The most shocking of all the declarations to come from this has been the US decision to spend 40% of […]

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