New Phone Tracing Program Is Being Used To Determine If People Have Been Exposed To COVID-19

The new smartphones are very useful tools for many things. However, they also allow for people to be traced very easily. According to a story from Business Insider, a new phone tracing program that promises anonymity may be used to determine if, based on a person’s movements, a man has been exposed to somebody with COVID-19.

But days later, a free app on Dana’s smartphone alerts her to news she’d been dreading since installing it: She was likely exposed to someone with COVID-19.

Dana got the alert because the man on the bus saw a doctor, tested positive, and was given a special code to type into the same free app. Once he did, his phone uploaded a list of encrypted codes to a central server — strings of letters and numbers that anonymously represent every close interaction he’s had with other app users over the past 21 days. The server then notified all the users that generated those codes of possible exposure, including Dana.

This is the future envisioned by a team of more than 130 European scientists and technologists. On Wednesday, after three weeks of near-continuous volunteer work, the group unveiled a framework (and a nonprofit organization) to support the scheme, called the Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing project, or PEPP-PT. (source)

Consider this a food for thought, and nothing more.

How does one know that this app is telling the truth?

Given how ‘private data’ is always ‘leaking’ out, how can one guarantee one’s privacy?

Will this be ‘required’ on everybody’s phones at some point in the future?

What happens if one finds out that one is “exposed”?

What if one does not ‘report’ himself’?

In this case, I am not going to tell you the answer.

Put the pieces of this puzzle together for yourself. It is not difficult.

Would you trust the app? And the potential consequences it could have?

After all, is it not working with the government, and is it not to help?

Think about it.

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