Three Hasidic Jewish Teenagers In New York Attack Innocent Muslim Fireman, One Sneezes In His Face To Make Him Sick With COVID-19

If three Muslims walked into a Jewish man’s face asked him if he was afraid of COVID-19, and then chased him down and coughed on him to infect him with the disease, would this not be considered terrorism?

It certainly would, and properly so.

However, what is different about this if the context is reversed as according to the New York Post, three hasidic Jewish teenagers harassed and chased down a Muslim NY Fire department fireman and at least one sneezed on him to intentionally infect him with COVID-19.

The alleged sneeze assault on Omar Sattar, 33, is described in a letter, obtained by The Post, from Lt. Kasey Koslowski of Engine Co. 282 to Thomas Richardson, the Department’s Chief of Operations.

While the engine company responded to a call at 47th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway, one firefighter — whose name is blacked out but was identified by sources as Sattar — was inspecting a hydrant when he was approached by “three Hasidic Jewish teens.”

The trio “taunted him and asked him if he was afraid of the coronavirus,” the letter says.
“After repeated attempts to keep distance from the boys, one of them sneezed into his face and they ran off,” it says.

The firefighter started experiencing flu-like symptoms four days after the “unusual occurrence,” the letter says. He was subsequently tested for coronavirus and placed on medical leave March 24 while awaiting the results. The test came back positive on March 27. (source)

The rates of COVID-19 among Hasidic Jews are very high. They are so high that one may reasonably assume, for the sake of safety and based on available data, that one among them has the disease, since the arrogant and stubborn refusal to self-quarantine and the insistence on mass gatherings in the US and Israel has resulted in the Hasidic populations becoming also some of the most disease infected populations in the world.

Nobody likes this quarantine, but the fact is that there is a lot we do not know about COVID-19, but what is known is that the illness can be controlled, and good efforts are being made by people around the world to stop its spread. Meanwhile, many of the Hasids are not only fighting the quarantine, but are calling police in the US and even fellow Jews in Israel “Nazis” and trying to cough on them intentionally for telling them to please respect the current measures being taken by the rest of the world for public safety.

One does not want to justify violence, persecution, or racism when one criticizes anybody. Having noted this, a lot of the violence, persecution, and racism in the true sense that has been direct against Jews comes about as a result of behavior patterns. This does not include the legitimate and just reactions by non-Jews to systematic patterns of abusive behavior committed by Jews throughout history.

The matter of the persecution of the Jews throughout history is not a simple question of, as many Jews will ask it, “Why do they hate us?”. This is a gross oversimplification. Rather, any “hatred”- whether it means actual hatred or simply conduct towards Jews which they do not like at the current time -needs to be considered in the light of patterns of abusive behavior going back right to the Old Testament in which God Himself, in all of His power, glory, and holiness has declared to the Jews that they are “Sodom and Egypt” based on their choice of behavior, which is wholly in their control, for it was their choice not just to engage in the practices of sodom, but as the prophet St. Jeremiah says, to “make his neighbor serve him for nothing and does not give him his wage,” (Jeremiah 22:13), and as the prophet St. Amos says, to “make the ephah small and the shekel great, and practice deceit with false balances” (Amos 8:5).

Is God just an “anti-semite?” Or perhaps is it that the problem is not the rest of the human race, let alone God almighty, but rather patterns of Jewish behavior that show no respect for any man and no regard for life?

Is there any wonder why some may and have developed negative, and even hostile attitudes or behaviors towards such people?

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