Joe Rogan Declares That The Democratic Party “Has Made Us All Morons With This Joe Biden Thing… I Would Rather Vote For Trump Than Him.”

Joe Rogan runs a well-known podcast online and has for some years. In a recent podcast with Brandon Schaub, he said that the Democrat party “has made us all morons with this Joe Biden thing… I would rather vote for Trump than him. I don’t think he can handle anything.”

Rogan’s statement is not unique, but it is a good observation of what is happening in the political process right now regarding the 2020 election cycle.

Trump had the upper hand for a long time, but as noted before, he seriously squandered a lot of his political capital on his practically complete abandonment of MAGA in favor of essentially doing the opposite in many aspects. I have detailed these examples before, but regardless if one likes Trump or not, what he claimed he would do as president versus what he actually did speaks for itself. It is, ironically, representative of Trump’s history of bankruptcies, except this was political instead of fiscal.

In order to win, Trump needed to go against somebody for whom there would be no chance of him ever having a legitimate chance of influencing people in a serious way. The Democrats seem to want this too, since a Trump 2020 victory likely means a Democrat 2024-2032 victory and given world events, the chance of giving themselves a new FDR-type candidate while Trump, given his actions with the COVID-19 stimulus bill, put the country on the road to bankruptcy and receive blame for it from historians. It does not matter if he was one in a long line of persons who supported policies that lead to the fiscal insolvency of the nation, but that the chance it will happen on his watch and he will be stuck holding the “hot potato” is very high. If perception is as or more important than reality, than the facts of Trump’s current actions (such as the continued debt expansion and the COVID-19 bill) and his perception among the public, especially among Millennials and Zoomers, will likely not portray a favorable image of him.

Joe Biden is thus a Democrat candidate that fits well for the job. Biden can’t win. He makes strange statements. He has odd behaviors. He shows serious indications of major cognitive decline. He is not well and should be resting at home instead of on a political campaign trail. People can see that Biden is sick. If forced to choose between Biden or Trump, many Democrats would rather either not vote or simply choose Trump.

This is why Trump is likely going to win. It is not even because people like Trump so much as they did in 2016, but in classic American politics, he is being presented as the clear “lesser of two evils” choice.

Rogan’s logic is representative here of the classic American voter mentality, and said without irony or insult. It is a reasonable statement that he makes, and not without sound logic. However, it is also the choice that Democrats want because they want to lose as it serves their long-term interests.

Remember these days- especially Republicans who say that Democrats are just “dumb” and the party is “falling apart.” This is not the case. The Democrat party is stronger than it ever has been, as it has the money and physical numbers as well as demographic distributions to threaten major Republican strongholds for the last fifty years such as Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas. Numerically speaking, they already hold the larger quantity of voters. They already are at a notable advantage.

In Rogan’s words, a debate between Trump and Biden would be like a fight between Mike Tyson and a three-year-old. Biden will be crushed and the Democrats know it, and they hope it happens. It will make for a great political show and will dishearten their base.

If Trump wins in November, expect some fast changes to come. Picture a major political purge of the Democrat party, a new leadership, and an immediate rebuilding of a ‘revived face’ of the party, which already was in progress. This is the party that will run for office in 2024, and will likely win.

November 3rd, 2020 will not be interesting. November 4th and after is when things will become interesting.

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