Forget YangBux, Will There Be The “Emergency Money For The People” Act Passed?

Former Democrat Presidential nominee Andrew Yang made a famous promise of $1000 dollars per month to every American citizen. But Yang has nothing on what may come soon, for as CBS News Pittsburgh reports, a recently proposed bill may pay out $2000 checks to every American per month until the COVID-19 crisis passes, giving new meaning to not the term YangBux, but the “Emergency Money for the People Act”:

Two House Democrats have introduced legislation that would give millions of Americans $2,000 per month during the coronavirus pandemic.

The new bill is called the Emergency Money for the People Act.

t was introduced by Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, and Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif.

In a press release, Congressman Ryan says:

“The economic impact of this virus is unprecedented for our country. As millions of Americans file for unemployment week over week, we have to work quickly to patch the dam – and that means putting cash in the hands of hard-working families.”

The act would expand relief to more Americans and includes a $2,000 monthly payment to every qualifying American over the age of 16 until employment returns to pre-COVID-19 levels.

“A one-time, twelve hundred dollar check isn’t going to cut it,” said Rep. Ro Khanna in a press release. “Americans need sustained cash infusions for the duration of this crisis in order to come out on the other side alive, healthy, and ready to get back to work. Members on both sides of the aisle are finally coming together around the idea of sending money out to people. Rep. Ryan and I are urging leadership to include this bill in the fourth COVID relief package to truly support the American working class.”

Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Doyle was an original co-sponsor of the bill. More than a dozen other members of Congress also support the bill.

Congressman Ryan says the bill also fixes a bug in the CARES Act to ensure college students and adults with disabilities can still receive the payments even if claimed as a dependent.

The Emergency Money for the People Act additionally recognizes that not everyone has a bank or a home address to receive a check – so it allows individuals to get this money through direct deposit, check, pre-paid debit card, or mobile money platforms such as Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal. (source)

Will Trump sign off on this? It is very possible. If Trump will give 40% of the national GDP in one bill, why would he not do this?

It is said that once the people figure out that they can vote themselves the national treasury, a nation is finished.

This is the stage that the US is at. We are entering into a period of great transition.

At this point, given how things are progressing, there is no way the debts will ever be paid back. If $2000 checks are paid out to homeowners and renters, it will only accelerate the already existing decline taking place.

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