New York First Responders Describe COVID-19 As “Worse Than The 9/11 Attacks”

September 11th, 2001 may be forgotten by many people, but it has etched a special place into the history of New York City, where thousands of people died and many more, especially police and firemen at the scene who survived, had to deal with helping thousands of people and then after suffering from medical problems of their own caused from the debris in the tower rubble. Now as Business Insider reports about COVID-19 New York first responders are saying that the COVID-19 Coronavirus is “worse than the 9/11 attacks”.

Abed, a paramedic with the New York Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Services, was among thousands of first responders who rushed to the World Trade Center in the minutes after the terror attacks.

“I witnessed people jumping out of buildings,” he said. “I saw the towers on their way down.”
But Abed said what New York is now grappling with is far more nefarious.

“This, to me, is worse,” he said of the coronavirus pandemic, adding, “I can guarantee you if you ask 10 first responders, they would tell you that the coronavirus is worse than the 9/11 attacks because we don’t have any control — it’s free wild.” (source)

COVID-19 is not a joke.

Yet, there are cases where it does not matter for people. But a lot of cases this is not the case.

Imagine a friend gave you eight candies.

Two had deadly poison in them that will kill you.

Six were fine.

Would you eat one random one?

You would not, because you don’t know what you are dealing with.

This is what is happening with COVID-19. We don’t know what we are dealing with, and it is even disturbing the paramedics who are on the scene of the virus.

This is not a joke, so stay safe and healthy.

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