African Catholic Priest In Germany Transferred After Series Of Anonymous Racist Assaults

In America, it is common for many Catholic Churches to get a priest from Africa to stay for a time. Most of the frustration with those priests comes from the thick accents, which Americans tend to have a hard time understanding. However, from my experiences, people do not care about his race, and people in society who are not Catholic treat him no differently than they would any other black person born in the US.

However, Germany has been seeing a rise in extreme nationalism as well as racism, which leads to militarism and can in time eugenics, as the AP notes a Catholic Priest in Germany from Africa has been transferred after a series of anonymous racial assaults against his church.

Catholic Church officials in Germany say they are transferring a black priest to another post over concern for his safety, after his house and car were attacked and he received a death threat.

The diocese of Speyer in southwest Germany said Friday that the priest, Patrick Asomugha, will leave his post in the parish of Queidersbach next week.

In a statement, it said that the “concerns for the protection and health of Father Asomugha made this step unavoidable.”

The diocese said that Asomugha, who is from Nigeria, has faced hostility in the parish since last year and his rectory was twice broken into. Last fall, his car tires were slashed and in March a death threat was left on his garage door. Two days later somebody smashed bottles against the door of his home. A police investigation is ongoing. (source)

Racism and nationalism often go hand-to-hand. Expect to see more of this in Germany as tension over ‘migrants’ rises.

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