Saudi Arabia Is NOT Crushing The US Energy Sector, This Is What America Wants

Recently, the Conservative news site Big League Politics put out a piece saying that Saudi Arabia is attempting to destroy American energy independence.

Saudi Arabia is sending more than a dozen oil tankers to unload a massive supply of cheap oil into the American natural gas market, in what some are calling an attempt to seriously cripple the American energy industry.
Oil went ‘negative’ for the first time, meaning that traders were paying buyers to take the fuel supply off their hands. Demand for fuel has decreased significantly as a result of the coronavirus recession.

Saudi Arabia’s state-run oil company Aramco has sent a fleet of twenty oil tankers to the United States following a refusal by the Russian Federation to ramp down on oil production. This is around seven times the monthly standard export supply of oil from Saudi Arabia to the United States, and it’s peculiar that it’s arriving at a moment where the demand from fuel is lower from ever. (source)

Stories like this are a good time to examine how various attempts at propaganda work.

Saudi Arabia and America are best friends. The obvious proof is ARAMCO- the Arab American oil company -that all Saudi oil flows through.

Saudi Arabia gets a steady flow of oil selling to the US, and in exchange the US provides political, economic, social, and food stability for Saudi Arabia as well as lets her get away with whatever she wants in the Arabian Peninsula, such as the genocide of Yeminis while she sells Saudi Arabia cheap weapons (one can thank Trump for this).

The Saudis need the US. If the US pulled out, she would be immediately invaded, most likely by Turkey and backed by Iran, as both nations would look with sadistic glee at the opportunity to khazouk the entire House of Saud. The fear of the Turkish khazouk is more than enough to make the Saudis quickly submit to American assistance.

America’s energy sector is truly being forced out of production for the time, but the US doesn’t care because she buys most of her oil from Saudi Arabia. This is not going to change.

Saudi Arabia could not survive without the US. The existence of that country in its current form is because of the American influence in her.

The country that actually is getting crushed is Russia. Since the nation has no economy save for the export of raw materials and making cheap weapons, of which the majority is the former and in than constitutes primarily exporting crude oil, Russia is the biggest loser. She is the world’s largest oil holder, one of the world’s largest producers, and because her economy depends on it, the longer she cannot sell oil, the worse her economy becomes.

It really is that simple.

Ignor distractions such as “look at what Saudi Arabia did”, because she is just a puppet in the American patriotic show meant to distract the world and her people. The real issue are the policies, and the one being targeted is Russia.

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