Russia Is Doing Chinese Social Credit Right Now

The spread of COVID-19, while governments have needed (and must still continue) to take measures for protecting public safety, there is no doubting that governments also have used the crisis to advance their own selfish agendas, such as institutionalizing the spread of surveillance.

I received a text message today from somebody I know who is from the former Soviet Union and still has family in Russia and Ukraine. I trust the source of this information well because I have known this person for a very long time.

This is the message I received. I did not solicit this. The person is aware of my views on the future of Russia and what is happening right now. The message is as follows:

My cousin lives in Moscow and she said that nobody is allowed to go outside without a QR code with all their personal info on it

THis is what she said when I asked what kind of things are on the QR code…..

It has all my passport details, vehicle details or my travel or social pass details and addresses of where I live or stay and where I’m going to. And you can only use from point A to B with extra stops, this is pointless. Stupidity rules our country 🙁

The issue here with Russia is about a lot more than COVID-19. Russia in true to historical form is returning to dictatorial behavior. She has a long pattern of acting as such towards her own people.

This is Chinese-style social credit, except in a Russian context. There is no fundamental difference except for faces and places, but not principle. has discussed how Putin in is own language and per those who knew him or worked in circles where he had close influence are in agreement that he wants to revive the USSR in the name of making Russia a powerful nation again. Putin and his advisers are also influenced by their interest in the preternatural and all forms of the same ancient occultism that pervaded the Russian court before the fall of the Russian Empire.

There was a time when one could say that Russia had a lot of hope, or even the potential for hope. However, it seems to be clear now where the future is headed. It is towards another dictatorship, but unlike last century, Russia is extremely weak with a declining population. She is close to collapse, and a serious strain on the system could cause her to break up into a series of warring states with “Russia” isolated to mostly the lands west of the Urals.

Russia will press down harder on her people because this is how she traditionally responds to threat from outside. However, with her people on the edge of collapse, it is not a matter of how “hardy” they are or not, but the fact that the fabric of the nation itself is worn out and falling apart.

If the above patterns continue, and more dictatorial behavior ensues, perhaps there might be a scenario where Russians simply choose, out of the demoralization and exhaustion they have endured for so long, to stop fighting and instead allow conquest to happen.

While the future is unknown, what we can be sure of is that Russia is changing. She is not a Christian hope for the world, but rather is holding out to be a modern reflection of last century, which if followed to its end will likely conclude in utter disaster.

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