Ukrainian Man Gets Hungry So He Slits His Girlfriend’s Throat, Police Catch Him Frying Her Legs And Eating Them

In the United States, there is a phenomenon of “Florida man”, which is not a person in itself, but the fact that many people from Florida are arrested for very strange crimes, usually involving drug-induced foolish behavior about any number of things. Some are gory, but most tend just to be strange.

Russia and Ukraine have a very different situation. In those nations, they have a serious problem with cannibalism, which for whatever the reason, tends to emerge. It seems to happen in remote villages, usually after drinking, where a person becomes hungry and will kill family, friends, or random neighbors regardless of the age and then eat the person in an elaborate meal. It is a known problem and a very disgusting one.

According to a story out of Ukraine, a Ukrainian man became hungry so he slit his girlfriend’s throat, dismembered her body, and started consuming her corpse. He was caught by police frying pieces of her legs and eating them according to the UK Daily Mail

A 41-year-old man reportedly admitted to killing his girlfriend and cooking her legs after feeling hungry during their drinking party in Ukraine.

The cannibal, identified only by his first name of Oleksandr, is said to have been frying and eating his victim’s legs when police raided his house in the central city of Kryvyi Rih.

According to police, Oleksandr and his 50-year-old girlfriend, who has not been named, were having a home boozy party on April 13.

During the drinking session, Oleksandr grabbed a kitchen knife and cut the woman’s throat open, causing her death, detectives said.

After checking on the woman and making sure she was dead, the man reportedly hacked off her legs and stuffed the rest of her body into a sack.

At night, he dragged the sack around 1,600 ft (500metres) from his house and hid it among the reeds by the Inhulets river, according to local media.

The gruesome remains were spotted the next day by a family who was walking in the area.

Father-of-two Mykola said to local media: ‘We [he and his children] were looking for a fishing spot when we stumbled upon the sack.

He is said to have been frying and eating his victim’s legs when police raided his house […] in the central city of Kryvyi Rih.

‘I saw naked buttocks sticking out of it and realised it was human remains. I called the police.’
Locals immediately identified the victim and told the police the address of her boyfriend.

Oleksandr was arrested after officers came to his home and found him frying flesh from his girlfriend’s leg in a frying pan before eating it. (source)

Likewise, another Russian man recently committed a similar crime in the village of Severnoye in Novosibirsk Oblast (with approximately six hours between his village and both Omsk or the cit of Novosibirsk. This man, who had been accused of cannibalism before, was arrested for eating two men and burying their skeletons under his floor, as well has eating a teenage boy almost a decade ago. He was discovered after a severed male genital organ was found laying in his yard according to the New York Post.

Police launched an investigation after the wife of Petr Lysyany, 36, reported him missing, according to the news outlet.

After Lysyany’s bike was found near Zakharov’s ramshackle home, the suspect admitted that he had been drinking with the missing man a few days earlier.

“At that moment a policeman saw a severed penis in the yard,” the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported, according to The Sun.

“He went inside and began to check the grounds. As a result, parts of the missing man’s body were found in the outside toilet and the garden. In the cellar, they removed the plank floor and found two skeletons,” according to the report. (source)

America has her problems, but Florida man (usually) does not do cannibalism. The same cannot be said about the Russia “Siberia man” equivalent.

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