COVID-19 Deaths Almost Reach Vietnam War Level Death Tolls

Depending on how one counts the years, the Vietnam war went on for between fifteen to twenty years. It is similar to Iraq in one sense, except in the jungles of southeast Asia as opposed to in the sands of the desert. The Vietnam war was highly controversial, and approximately 58,000 US soldiers lost their lives in it.

However, what took almost two decades to reach in terms of death rates is what COVID-19 has been able to do in a matter of about two months as 50,000 are now dead in the US and that number is climbing.

The death toll in the United States from the coronavirus topped 50,000 Thursday evening as the number of confirmed cases rose by a near-record amount to hit more than 891,000.

An additional 2,416 deaths were confirmed, bringing the total to 50,442. Confirmed cases rose by 34,828 bringing the total cases across the nation to 891,622.

That daily death toll was just shy of a peak of 2,524 deaths in a single day on April 15.

The record daily rise in coronavirus cases was on April 10 when the number jumped by 35,579.

The U.S. has both the highest number of confirmed cases in the world and the highest death toll.

A predictive model relied on by the White House this week increased its projection of expected deaths by August by 10 per cent to 66,000. (source)

Is this really “nothing to worry about”?

If this virus can kill almost the total number of people who died in the Vietnam war in a matter of months, what will it look like in four, eight, or sixteen months?

This virus is not a joke. Yes, there is political manipultion taking place, but until there is solid scientific data, it is better to heed the words of the WHO and CDC instead of political agitators whose funding sources are not always clear.

Stay at home. Simplify and prepare for the future as much as one can. It’s not fun, but dying is a lot less fun.

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