Trump Now Declares That He Spoke “Sarcastically” About Injecting Disinfectants To Stop COVID-19

Drinking chemical disenfectants is not a joke or something to make sarcastic statements about. However, Trump responded that he was speaking “sarcastically” about doing such in response to recent statements about putting disenfectants into the body as NDTv reports.

US President Donald Trump on Friday played down a furor over his suggestion that people could try injecting disinfectants to fight the novel coronavirus, claiming he was being sarcastic.

“I was asking a question sarcastically to reporters like you, just to see what would happen,” he told journalists at the White House.

Trump late Thursday turned during a press conference to government scientists in the room and asked them about disinfectant. (source)

This is a MAJOR press faux pas.

There is nothing “sarcastic” about suggesting that a man should consume disenfectants or chemicals. This is how people kill themselves or others.

One does not make statements “just to see what would happen” unless one has malicious ideas or is just foolish.

Why on earth would he make a statement like this? Why not just say something such as ‘it’s true, I’m not a doctor, and I wasn’t using techinal language, but I think that reasonable people can see I was not suggesting that somebody should ingest bleach.”

The hydroxychloroquine incident was bad enough. This is far worse.

It is no wonder that Biden had to be put as a Democrat candidate- how else could Trump win?

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