Woman Gets Infected With Coronavirus And She Is Later Declared Dead And They Give Her Cremated Body To Her Sister. The Doctors Then Tell Her That Her Sister Is Alive And That They Gave Her The Cremated Remains Of Someone Else

By Theodore Shoebat

A woman in Ecuador contracted coronavirus and she was later declared dead and her cremated remains were given to her sister. But then, the hospital told the sister that her sister is actually still alive and that they gave her the cremated remains of another person. In the midst of a virus devastating humanity, what always manifests is the despair of confusion. As we read in Reuters:

An Ecuadorean woman in coronavirus-ravaged Guayaquil city learned on Friday that her sister was alive, weeks after cremating a misidentified body that health authorities had given her after proclaiming her sibling dead.

Alba Maruri, 74, was admitted to an intensive care unit on March 27 suffering from a high fever and difficulty breathing, and medical personnel told her family later that day that she had died, Maruri’s sister Aura said by telephone.

A week later, health authorities handed over to relatives what they thought were Maruri’s remains. Health workers on Friday returned to the family’s home in Guayaquil, the epicenter of Ecuador’s outbreak.

“An ambulance arrived with a doctor, a psychiatrist and the social worker. They apologized, and they tell us ‘Your sister is alive,’ and we were in shock,” said Aura Maruri. “It is a miracle of God what has happened.”