Biden Faces His Own “#MeToo” Type Allegations

Joe Biden may be the Democrat contender for the White House, but he is hardly in good shape. In addition to what appears to be signs of dementia, let alone his strange behaviors, Biden now appears as though he will face his own #MeToo type allegation with accusations of sexual abuse that not only appear credible, but also prosecutable.

A NEW PIECE of evidence has emerged buttressing the credibility of Tara Reade’s claim that she told her mother about allegations of sexual harassment and assault related to her former boss, then-Sen. Joe Biden. Biden, through a spokesperson, has denied the allegations. Reade has claimed to various media outlets, including The Intercept, that she told her mother, a close friend, and her brother about both the harassment and, to varying degrees of detail, the assault at the time. Her brother, Collin Moulton, and her friend, who has asked to remain anonymous, both confirmed that they heard about the allegations from Reade at the time. Reade’s mother died in 2016, but both her brother and friend also confirmed Reade had told her mother, and that her mother, a longtime feminist and activist, urged her to go to the police. (source)

Based on experience in dealing with matters such as this, the point here is not to actually prosecute Biden or not. Rather, it is to discredit him beyond the point of being electable.

Biden seems to have been chosen for this reason. It is not because the Democrats are fools. To the contrary, this is a strategic decision that will likely ensure a 2024 victory for the party.

Trump has made a lot of serious mistakes that in normal conditions would have cost him the election. However, Biden is absolutely unconscionable to support, and the #MeToo allegations make this even worse.

Politics is a show. It is show business for the unattractive, and that is what the election for this year has become.

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