Moscow Furious After Czechia Removes Soviet Era Statue has repeatedly warned that based on current trends, the Soviet Union is coming back under Putin, who wants to revive the old communist nightmare (as a reminder, National Socialism is also coming back in Germany and Europe, which is but one variant of Communism, as they are both extensions of materialist philosophy). As Bloomberg reports, Russia reacted with extreme hostility and reports of cyberattacks against medical facilities were reported in Czechia after Czech officials removed a statue of Soviet Marshall Ivan Konev.

Officials in the upmarket Prague neighborhood had long sought to take down what many saw as a symbol of Russian oppression, egged on by years of vandalism that included dangling a sling of sausages around the general’s bronze arm.

With the planet distracted by the number of virus cases surging past 1 million, the statue came down on April 3.

The backlash from Moscow, where World War II is central to President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to rally Russian pride, was swift.

The feeling was almost: How dare they? Two ministers issued diplomatic rebukes, protesters hurled a smoke bomb at the Czech embassy and a criminal case was opened for “desecration of symbols of Russia’s military glory.”

Worse was to come. The Czechs said cyber-assaults had been launched on medical facilities — echoing attacks on Estonia when it relocated a Soviet war memorial in 2007. (source)

There is a lot that can be said about the US and the evils that she has done and which need to be opposed. These evil need to continue to be opposed for the sake of what is right and moral.

However, it is very frustrating that the situation with Russia seems to continue on as before, that while Russia literally is falling apart in every way possible and she is no longer a world power, she insists on starting trouble and causing geopolitical instability.

I’m not saying the Americans don’t do this. What I am saying is that it is very hard to say positive things about Russia when the nation, which is the largest oil-bearing nation in the world, that has countless amounts of rare-earth minerals, tons of land, and the potential to be a truly great nation, has turned herself into a giant toilet bowl and nobody cares.

This is not an exaggeration. I have pointed this out before, but there is no reason for the mass poverty, destruction of the family, crumbling infrastructure, rampant pollution, declining health, rampant abuse of all forms, and absolute misery in that nation.

Likewise, the only real economic interests in that nation are not even really run for the most part by Russians. They are run by Germans, Italians, French, Swedes, and Turkic peoples. Even Poles and Czechs have notable business dealings with Russia in this context. By comparison, most of Russia is broke and what business does not involve exporting crude oil or timber through state-run corporations is weapons productions and related industries for third-world nations likewise through state-run corporations. The only businesses that are commonly associated with the Russian people are either the export of HIV-infected prostitutes or online hacking and fraud scams.

The nicest places in Russia are not even “Russia”, especially as it concerns the common man. Tatarstan is considered the most “Middle Class” area in Russia, and it is a Muslim Turk area. Likewise, the German-Polish enclaves established by deportees from Eastern and Central Europe also have done very well, building small communities for themselves and surviving the yoke of communism for decades.

Russia is just a sad place. I want what is good for her, and while the Americans have abused her, it is impossible to ignore how Putin and his ilk have robbed Russia of all of her wealth for themselves while destroying the people and allowing the nation to rot, yet still trying to boss other nations and stir up trouble around the world.

In America, things are getting much worse, but it is still possible to do very well. Ask any Hispanic migrant about what America has done for his family versus his native lands and he can tell you. It is no accident that so many line up to come to the US, and try to get in here by any means possible.

Russia by contrast is a place where people want to escape from by any means possible. Yet this should not be so- Russia COULD be a place like the US, as she has the potential. What lacks is the government and the will.

Is it a surprise why Czechia would remove a Soviet-era statue? Why would they want to be like a nation that not only invaded, occupied, and abused them (just as Germany did), but to associate with a nation that is an absolute mess and still wants to take them over?

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