Across The Country, Americans Are Lining Up At Food Banks

In a scene that could look like it was taken from the 1930s, the UK Daily Mail reports that Americans are lining up at food banks from Los Angeles to Philadelphia.

Hundreds of Americans lined up to access much-needed food handouts in Los Angeles and Prospect, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday.

Masses of cars waited in line for the drive-thru food giveaway in Pico Rivera, California, as volunteers sporting face masks, gloves and high-vis jackets helped dish out supplies.

Over in Prospect, vehicles were seen snaking through the Big Butler Fairgrounds. It comes as millions of people across America lose their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic and households have been thrown into turmoil. (source)

The scary part is that while the US is suffering, due to her financial position, economic size, global power, and vast food infrastructure, while there will be troubles, she is in the best position to weather the crisis.

The rest of the world is not so. Many nations are going to suffer gravely because they have the same problems but lack the infrastructures to handle them successfully.

If people are going hungry in the US, it means other nations will starve, and have actual starvation, not the “I did not eat McDonalds today” starvation.

If food banks are running out in the US, it means that people will fight just for a loaf of bread or some fruit, let alone things in a nice package.

If the US is having trouble now, shaking at her foundations, it means the world will likely collapse. If the US does in turn collapse, it means the world WILL burn in a dumpster fire, as America right now is the only force keeping the nations of the world from destroying each other in a nuclear fireball.

Americans at food banks are not just about hungry people. It is about a sign of economic leading to massive political instability that will severely affect the whole world.

This is not a time to fight over politics, but to help people through very hard times. Everybody is going to need it because all are going to suffer badly, for this crisis cannot be avoided by anyone, not even the incredibly wealthy or powerful.

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