The Left wing Wants Anarchy And Revolution In The United States

By Theodore Shoebat

Left-wing radicals are gradually forming a war on the institution of the police by trying to get them defunded. If you defund the police, violent crime goes up. If crime gets to the point where people have to hire private security, the state loses its monopoly on violence. If the state loses this monopoly, then it loses it legitimacy, since what maintains the existence of the state is its monopoly on violence, for without violence, there is no control and thus the state loses control. This movement has been active in the city of San Antonio, where Proposition B — which would have removed the police’s leverage for collective bargaining and allowed civilians to petition against police contracts — almost passed with voting results being 51% to 49%. It did not pass, but not by a landslide. This really indicates a trend towards anti-police sentiment: