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Biden appointed transgender mutant, Rachel Levine, to be the United States assistant secretary for health

Biden Signs Executive Order Forcing Federal Agencies To Fund Sex Change Surgery For Transgenders

Biden just recently signed an executive order that forces federal agencies to ensure funding for sex change surgery (“transitioning” as they call it) for transgender (mutant) government employees. The executive order reads: As established in Executive Order 13988, it is the policy of my Administration to prevent and combat discrimination on the basis of gender identity […]

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james martin pope francis

Pope Francis Praises The Pro-Homosexual Work Of Heretical Priest Who Teaches That Gay Sex Is Accepted By God

Pope Francis just praised the pro-homosexual work of heretical priest, Fr. James Martin, who teaches that gay sex is accepted by God. As we read in America Magazine: Pope Francis has again encouraged the ministry of James Martin, S.J., to L.G.B.T. persons, and with words that could also encourage others in this work. He did […]

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Right-wing nationalist demonstration in Germany

53% Of Germans Agree: “Americans cannot be trusted”

By Theodore Shoebat In a recent poll taken by the European Council on Foreign Relations, 53% of Germans agreed: “Americans cannot be trusted”, revealing a more widening gap between the US and Germany. As we read in a report by Steven Pifer: Opinion surveys show that German citizens share these questions about America. In a late […]

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The Future Extermination Of The Jews

By the Shoebats “He [Roosevelt] was strengthened in this [political diversion] by the circle of Jews surrounding him, who, with Old Testament-like fanaticism, believe that the United States can be the instrument for preparing another Purim for the European nations that are becoming increasingly anti-Semitic.” — Adolf Hitler — “I have never seen such a […]

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german cops

Muslim In Germany Stabs Three People To Death, German Police Shoot And Arrest Him

A Muslim fanatic in Germany stabbed three people to death before getting shot and arrested by police officers, as we read in the Jerusalem Post: Three people were killed and several wounded in a knife attack in the German town of Wuerzburg on Friday, police said, adding that they shot and arrested the suspected attacker, a 24-year-old […]

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100,000 People In Israel Gather Together And Declare That Sodom Is Superior To God

By Theodore Shoebat 100,000 people in Israel gathered together to proclaim their support for the sodomite agenda, essentially declaring that Sodom is superior to God and His Law, as we read in the Jerusalem Post: Over 100,000 people celebrated at the first Tel Aviv Pride parade in two years on Friday, as Israel Police thwarted […]

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pride israel

Major Rabbi In Israel Goes Against The LGBT Agenda And Declares: “It Is Our Right To Protest Legitimately And Legally Against These Abomination Parades.”

By Theodore Shoebat A major rabbi in Israel, Dror Aryeh, spoke against Israel’s most recent sodomite rally, as we read in the Jerusalem Post: Rabbi Dror Aryeh, one of the leaders in the movement, spoke against the parade, saying, “those who didn’t want us on ground, will get us in the air. We will get […]

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biden police officers

Biden Rejects The “Defund The Police” Policy Of The Left And Will Be Giving Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars To The Police

Biden recently announced his plan to prevent gun crimes: give hundreds of billions of dollars to the police. The Left-wing maniacs are going to hate him for this because they have been awaiting their fantasy leader who is going to “defund the police.” As we read in Washington Post: President Biden will deliver remarks Wednesday […]

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turkish military march

Newsweek: Turkey Is Seeking “Soft Power” In Afghanistan

An article recently published on Newsweek points out that Turkey has been seeking “soft power” in Afghanistan, especially now by asserting itself as the force of security in the country to fill up the vacuum soon to be left by the US: The relationship between Afghanistan and the Ottoman Empire and later Turkey is rooted […]

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Kemal Kilicdaroglu wants to deport all Syrian refugees

Major Political Party In Turkey Declares: ‘By Allah, We Will Deport All Syrian Refugees Back To Syria.’

Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of Turkey’s main opposition party, the Republican Peoples’ Party (CHP), declared that if he won he would, by Allah, deport all Syrian refugees back to Syria, as we read in report from Middle East Monitor: Turkey’s main opposition leader on Tuesday said if his party comes to power, they would return […]

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biden trump

The Biden Administration Is Now Defending Donald Trump

Trump is getting defense from the most unlikely entity: the Biden administration, as we read in Reuters:  Former U.S. President Donald Trump may have an unlikely ally to defend him against lawsuits alleging he incited the U.S. Capitol insurrection: President Joe Biden’s Justice Department. The Biden administration paved the way for that possibility, say constitutional […]

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